Talking Payments with EMVCo is a quarterly podcast that provides listeners with detailed insights into current EMVCo activity and what’s happening in the wider payments industry. It provides a platform for dialogue with EMVCo experts and partners on how EMV® Specifications are evolving to support the payments community, and offers an opportunity for those using EMV technology to get to know some of the people behind the work.

Episode 3: EMV® QR Code™ Payments: Supporting Fast, Touchless Transactions Worldwide

Accelerated by the pandemic, in-store consumer payment preferences have shifted towards touchless options. One solution experiencing growth in recent years is QR Codes, which have increasingly been used to initiate fast and easy touchless mobile payments at the point-of-sale.

In the latest episode, Simon Kleine (Director of Communications), Brian Byrne (Director of Engagement and Operations) and Bastien Latge (Director of Technology) explore the rise of QR Code payments and how the EMV® QR Code Specifications enable quick, reliable and trusted transactions for both merchants and consumers. Bastien also speaks to Johan Buitendag, Strategy and Research Manager at the Payment Association of South Africa, to learn about the development of QR Code payments in the region.

Episode 2: How to Realise the Potential of Online Commerce

As global economies increasingly digitalise, with profound shifts in consumer behaviour and the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the payments industry is seeing rapid and unprecedented growth in the number and diversity of online transactions.

In the second episode of Talking Payments with EMVCo hosted by Simon Kleine (Director of Communications), Brian Byrne (Director of Engagement and Operations) and Bastien Latge (Director of Technology) discuss the challenges and opportunities posed by the growth of online commerce, and how EMV® Specifications have evolved beyond EMV chip to enable reliable and convenient online payments globally.

Episode 1: 2021 and Beyond ...

In this first episode, EMVCo’s Director of Communications, Simon Kleine, speaks with Brian Byrne, EMVCo’s Director of Engagement and Operations, and Bastien Latge, EMVCo’s Director of Technology, to find out more about EMVCo’s plans for 2021 and the near future. They also look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting growth of contactless and remote transactions.