EMV® 3-D Secure Approval Processes

3-D Secure (3DS) approval is granted to the products used to authenticate cardholder by using the 3DS flow. The 3DS approval process attests the compliance of the Access Control Server, Directory Server, 3DS Server and 3DS SDK to the EMV® Specifications.

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The Approval Process
  • Complete the EMVCo Registration Form via EMVCo website to receive a contract.
  • Return the signed contract to EMVCo Registration Number.
  • Select and register 3DS product with an EMVCo accreditedTest Platform Provider using the EMVCo Registration Number to begin 3DS Pre-Compliance Testing.
  • Perform Pre-Compliance Testing on the selected 3DS Test Platform.
  • Select a Test Laboratory that will perform the review of the Pre-Compliance Testing report.
  • Complete and submit Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) form to EMVCo to begin Compliance Testing.
  • Review the Compliance Testing results and submit the Test Report to EMVCo.
  • Evaluate the Test Report and issue Letter of Approval (LOA).
Process Summary

Please check the below document on 3-D Secure product approval process for more details.

1 of 4 Step 1 Registrations

The product provider starts registration process by completing the registration form through the EMVCo 3DS Approval Product Provider Registration on the EMVCo website. Once EMVCO reviews and accepts the registration form the product provider will receive a contract at the email address provided during registration. Once the contract is signed, EMVCO will assign the product provider an EMVCo registration number unique to the Product Provider.

2 of 4 Step 2 Pre-Compliance

The product provider selects the EMVCO qualified 3DS Test Platform to begin their Pre-Compliance testing, and selects an EMVCo accredited test lab to review pre-compliance test results.
The purpose of Pre-Compliance will ensure the tester will be able to complete the required test cases before moving into the compliance phase of their testing. The 3-D Secure Lab will review the results of the Pre-Compliance and advise the Product Provider when to move forward with their compliance testing.

3 of 4 Step 3 Compliance

The product provider shall complete an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) form providing detailed information about the product and supported features. The EMVCO accredited lab will validate and submit the ICS to EMVCO for verification. An ICS request form must be submitted and approved before compliance testing begins.
The product provider then performs the compliance testing on the Test Platform and submit the results to the EMVCo accredited lab to validate the compliance test results.
The 3-D Secure Test Lab will provide a testing report based on the ICS form and the compliance test results.

4 of 4 Step 4 Product Approval

Upon receipt of the test reports from the laboratory, the product provider submits the product to EMVCO for approval. The product provider shall complete the Request for Approval form then request the laboratory to send the test reports to EMVCO. EMVCO will grant a Letter of Approval (LOA) when a test report demonstrates sufficient product conformance. All applicable EMVCO fees must be paid before the LOA is granted.


Product providers who wish to submit 3DS products for EMVCo approval must first register themselves with EMVCo.

3-D Secure Registration
Fee Structure

For each submission of a 3-D Secure product for approval, specific fees must be paid to EMVCo as detailed in 3DS Bulletin 001. Additional information on fees may be found in the 3-D Secure Administrative Process.

Note: EMVCo Accredited Laboratories will have a fee structure for laboratory testing services. EMVCo is not responsible for laboratory testing fees.

3-D Secure Approval Bulletin 01