Payment card acceptance traditionally relied solely on dedicated, specialist devices. In recent years, the development of handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets with NFC capabilities, has led to some being used to accept payments, providing an alternative to traditional acceptance devices.

This technological evolution is creating a variety of new use cases ranging from the occasional and personal (such as garage sales, kids sports clubs, etc.) to more professional (transit, catering, delivery, domestic tradespeople, etc.) usage, and EMVCo has been working to establish additional minimum acceptance criteria to evaluate mobile devices for contactless payment acceptance.

How do EMVCo and PCI SSC collaborate? What is TapToMobile and MPoC*? What are the opportunities and challenges of mobile payment acceptance?

In Episode 9 of Talking Payments with EMVCo, Arman Aygen, EMVCo’s Director of Technology, is joined by Andrew Jamieson, VP, Solution Standards at PCI SSC, to answer these questions and more, discussing how the organisations are helping to facilitate seamless and secure payment acceptance on mobile devices.

We’re also joined in this episode by Mike McCamon, Executive Director at NFC Forum, to explore the opportunities and challenges in contactless payment acceptance on mobile.

Listen now to learn about:

  • The rise of payment acceptance on mobile devices: market drivers bringing solutions into the payment ecosystem
  • EMVCo’s TapToMobile programme: what it is, learnings from the Early Adopter Programme and the roadmap ahead
  • PCI SSC’s Mobile Payments on COTS* standard: what it is and how it complements the work conducted by EMVCo
  • Challenges and opportunities in contactless payment acceptance on mobile: the role that the NFC Forum has in collaborating with the payments industry to support the development of TapToMobile

*MPoC/ COTS: mobile payments on consumer off the shelf