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Support Seamless and Secure Payments Worldwide

Payments technology continues to advance, and innovation in card-based payments is critical. To support seamless and secure payments, specifications need to evolve accordingly. This requires payments industry stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the specification development process.

Over a hundred organisations – including merchants, issuers, acquirers, payment networks, financial institutions, manufacturers, technology providers and testing laboratories – contribute their knowledge and expertise to the development of EMV® Specifications.

Get Involved

All payments industry stakeholders are actively encouraged to contribute to the development of EMV® Specifications and provide input to EMVCo.

EMVCo provides flexible participation options to meet the needs of various industry stakeholders and expand the opportunity for engagement:

Ways to Participate
(prices effective 2020)
Associates Programme
Other Participation Option
Associates | Merchant
Associates | Industry Groups
$2,750/yr (company)
$850/yr (individual)
Seat on the Board of Advisors to engage in the strategic direction of EMVCo and vote to approve EMV® Specifications for official publication.
Access to a full summary of feedback received on draft EMV Specifications.
Review and validate the business rationale driving new initiatives and major updates
Engagement with EMVCo's technical Working Groups and attendance at various technical meetings
EMV User Meeting attendance
Review and comment on draft EMV Specifications ahead of publication
EMVCo Education Session attendance
Royalty-free access to the EMV Specifications

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Individual Company

Flexible Engagement Options


EMVCo Associates

EMVCo Associates shape the strategic direction of EMVCo, have the opportunity to propose new initiatives, input into the development of EMV Specifications and vote on whether a final draft of a new specification or major update is ready for official publication through participation on the Board of Advisors.


EMVCo Associates – Merchants

EMVCo’s dedicated ‘Merchant’ Associate participation option demonstrates an ongoing commitment to collaborating with the merchant community and further expanding the opportunity for engagement. A ‘Merchant’ is defined as a company who accepts EMV® products and whose primary business is the selling of consumer goods or services.


EMVCo Associates – Industry Groups

EMVCo’s dedicated ‘Industry Groups’ Associate participation option plays an important role in promoting and supporting cross-industry collaboration. An ‘Industry Group’ is defined as a body comprised of members (individuals, companies or other bodies) for a common industry purpose, such as an association, council or similar representative body.


EMVCo Subscribers

Open to all interested parties, EMVCo Subscribers receive notice of pending developments and changes, as well as participate in a more regular and formal dialogue with EMVCo.



EMV® Specifications are available to all industry participants completely royalty-free. New EMV® Specifications and major updates are published for public review to provide all parties with the opportunity to provide comments ahead of final publication.

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