Contactless EMV®

The EMV Contactless Specifications refer to transactions using proximity NFC payment devices. These devices allow transactions to be made by waving or tapping on an EMV Contactless enabled terminal. Similar to contact chip cards, they also support cryptographic functions for more secure transactions than with traditional magnetic-stripe cards.

Approved Products

EMVCo test and approve the products from the industry to certify their compliance with the contactless EMV specifications.

Service Providers

In order to test and approve the contactless products, EMVCo certify Service Providers such as Laboratories and Testing Tools.

Kernel ID Registration

EMVCo manages a Kernel ID registration process for entities wishing to register their own Kernel ID.


Q: What is an EMVCo Contactless Kernel C-n?

A: It is a self-contained software Module compliant to one of the EMVCo Book C-n Contactless Specifications.

Q: What does Contactless Product testing mean?

A: Contactless Product testing is the testing of EMVCo Terminal software built to Book A & B Specifications (Entry Point) containing an approved PCD and at least one of C-n Kernels in an EMVCo accredited laboratory. Contactless Product testing also involves Kernel Independency testing and Modular testing (if supported). Note that for Contactless Product Type Approval, the approval and testing covers a complete Contactless Product and not components within this Product.

Q: What are the requirements for placement of the contactless symbol?

A: Requirements for placement of the contactless symbol are described in the Contactless Symbol Reproduction Requirements found here.

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Get Involved

Draft Specifications and Bulletins are shared with EMVCo Associates and Subscribers, who provide feedback and submit Queries.  They are also eligible to attend relevant meetings to discuss the Specifications.

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