Mobile CMP/PPSE Approval Process

The CMP product approval process evaluates compliance to the PPSE and Application Management for Secure Elements specification of the PPSE and/or SECM application. It also requires a security evaluation of the IC and platform on which the PPSE and/or SECM applications are installed. Note that PPSE Product approval only includes evaluating compliance of the PPSE to the PPSE and Application Management for Secure Elements specification.

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The Approval Process

Download & sign registration form and business review form to receive a contract and registration number.


Select a laboratory & declare the product. Complete a conformance statement.

Step 3 LAB

Test the product and submit a test report to the product provider.

Step 4 EMVCo

Evaluates the test reports and issues a 3-year Letter of Compliance (LOC).

Process Summary

This summary describes the standard process for the approval of a new CMP or PPSE product. A separate process, described in the administrative process, may apply for a product renewal.

1 of 4 Step 1 Registration

The Integrated Circuit (IC) provider and the product provider shall:

  • fill out the Registration form
  • download and submit a Business Review form to EMVCo.

Once EMVCo reviews and accepts the forms, the IC and product provider will receive a contract. Once the contract is signed, EMVCo will assign both an IC provider registration number and a product provider registration number. Registration is a one-time process.

2 of 4 Step 2 Product Declaration

The product provider shall select a laboratory and execute bilateral, required agreements and contracts. The product provider shall complete an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) document in which it provides detailed information about the product and supported features. The laboratory will validate and submit the ICS to EMVCo for verification.

3 of 4 Step 3 Product Validation

Once EMVCo has accepted the ICS, the Level 2 testing of the SECM and/or PPSE will be performed. The test results are documented in a test report that the laboratory submits to the product provider.

4 of 4 Step 4 Product Approval

Upon receipt of the test reports from the laboratory, the product provider decides if it will submit the product for approval. Assuming so, the product provider shall complete a Request for Approval form and ask the laboratory to send EMVCo the test reports. EMVCo will grant a Letter of Compliance (LOC) when a test report demonstrates sufficient product conformance. Applicable fees must be paid before the LOC is granted.


The following are prerequisites that must be completed prior to seeking Mobile CMP/PPSE approval:

The IC provider shall request a Security Evaluation of the IC to obtain a IC Certificate Number (ICCN) prior to the CMP approval process

The platform provider shall request a Security Evaluation of the Platform to obtain a Platform Certificate Number (PCN) in parallel to the CMP approval process

A GlobalPlatform certification shall be performed on the platform to obtain a Global Platform Letter of Qualification (LOQ) prior to or in parallel to the CMP approval process

Chip and Platform Approval Process
Fee Structure

For each submission of a CMP or PPSE product for approval (either for a new product, or a renewal), specific fees shall be paid to EMVCo, as detailed in MTA Bulletin 21. Additional information on fees may be found in the CMP/PPSE Administrative Process.

Note: EMVCo Accredited Laboratories will have a fee structure for laboratory testing services. EMVCo is not responsible for laboratory testing fees.

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