Download this quick resource for a high-level overview of how EMV® SRC, 3DS and Payment Tokenisation Specifications[1] support global adoption of fraud-fighting technologies for reliable and convenient online commerce.

The EMV Chip Specifications made seamless and secure chip card payments possible anywhere in the world, by providing a blueprint for chip cards and terminals to work in the same way, no matter where they are used. Today, in addition to EMV chip for in-person payments, EMVCo offers a range of specifications to support technologies that enable convenient and reliable payments across all online commerce channels and connected devices.

The How EMV Specifications Support Online Commerce Quick Resource provides insight into how the EMV 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS), EMV Secure Remote Commerce (EMV SRC) and EMV Payment Tokenisation Specifications support the use of fraud-fighting technologies that deliver a consistent and trusted payments experience for e-commerce merchants and their customers.

[1] The Payment Tokenisation Specification provides an interoperable Technical Framework

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