EMV® Chip technology has been adopted worldwide to improve face-to-face transaction security, reduce counterfeit cards and limit fraud. Check out this infographic for the latest EMV Chip adoption statistics.

EMV Chip technology offers benefits to merchants, acquirers, card issuers and consumers by improving face-to-face transaction security, reducing counterfeit cards and limiting fraud. Now, there are more than 9 billion EMV Chip payment cards worldwide.

View the EMVCo infographic for the latest EMV Chip adoption statistics. Key data includes:

  • The number of EMV Chip payment cards in circulation globally
  • The percentage of issued cards that are EMV
  • The percentage of card-present transactions conducted using EMV Chip technology
  • The breakdown of EMV Chip card adoption rates and percentage of EMV card-present transactions by region
  • The worldwide distribution of industry stakeholders that make up the EMVCo Associates Programme

EMVCo supports the adoption of EMV Chip technology with specifications that define the protocol for communication between an EMV payment device (e.g. a card, smartphone or wearable embedded with a secure chip) and a chip reader in the acceptance terminal (either contact or contactless), which enables a transaction. EMVCo assesses the compliance of vendor products developed to EMV Chip Specifications and approves products that pass testing prior to deployment in the field. Learn more about the EMV Chip Specifications and supporting testing programme.

For more information on how EMV Specifications enable card-based payment products to work together seamlessly and securely worldwide, view the role of EMV Specifications primer.