Why was EMVCo formed? What are its roles and responsibilities? How does EMVCo operate? Who participates in EMVCo’s work? The EMVCo Operating Principles address these key questions and more.

EMVCo was formed as a technical body in the 1990s to support the adoption of chip technology to reduce fraud and improve payment security through the development of specifications that enabled chip cards and terminals to function globally. While EMV Specifications have expanded beyond just EMV chip and face to face payment to also address technologies that enable seamless and secure e-commerce and digital transactions, EMVCo’s roles, responsibilities and operating principles remain the same. Industry participation in its work continues to be critical to the organisation’s ability to successfully support advancements in payments.

The EMVCo Operating Principles provide insight into what EMVCo does and does not do in its role as a global technical body focused on specifications for security and interoperability, the relationship between EMVCo and its members, and how it works with the payments industry and other relevant industry bodies to develop EMV Specifications.

Download this resource to learn more about EMVCo’s roles and responsibilities and how it collaborates with the payments industry to achieve its work.