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The EMVCo logo

The EMVCo Logo is a design mark for EMVCo’s exclusive use. Use by third-parties is strictly prohibited.

EMV® Word Mark

EMV® is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo, LLC in the United States and other countries around the world. Dating back to 1999, EMV® refers to all of the specifications administered by EMVCo.  While EMVCo does not offer a license for use of EMV®, use is permitted in conformance with the EMV® Mark Usage Guidelines, which require, among other things, attribution to EMVCo. EMVCo takes appropriate enforcement actions against unauthorized and prohibited uses, including use in a product name or use in domain names.

The current members of EMVCo are American Express, JCB, Discover, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa.  Just as EMVCo’s membership expanded over time, the meaning of the letters has evolved as well. The scope of EMVCo’s specifications were originally limited to chip-based payments, now EMV® specifications facilitate the worldwide interoperability of secure payment transactions in multiple environments.

EMVCo Certification Marks

EMVCo licenses Certification Marks for use by product providers, laboratories and test tool vendors in advertising, promotional materials, documentation and websites. In order to obtain and use the EMVCo Certification Marks, complete the EMVCo Certification Marks Trademark License Agreement.

EMVCo Approved Mark, may be licensed for use by product or service providers and certain sublicensees in connection with products or services that have received an EMV® Approval from EMVCo.

EMVCo Approved

EMVCo Accredited Mark, may be licensed for use by laboratories that have received an EMV® Accreditation from EMVCo.

EMVCo Accredited

EMVCo Qualified Mark, may be licensed for use by test tool vendors in connection with test tools that have received an EMV® Qualification from EMVCo.

EMVCo Qualified

Relationship Marks

EMVCo also offers the following Partner or Associate marks for use as expressly permitted for these entities.

EMVCo Associate Mark, for use by Associates that seek to share their current status as an EMVCo Associate. Use is governed by the EMVCo Associates Programme Participation Agreement.

EMVCo Associate

EMVCo Partner Mark, for use by partners that have received permission to reflect that status from EMVCo.

EMVCo Partner

EMVCo Contactless Marks

EMVCo licenses the Contactless INDICATOR and Contactless SYMBOL (collectively the “Contactless Marks”) for use in accordance with its Reproduction Requirements. The Contactless Marks logo files are provided following execution of one of the agreements below.

Contactless indicator and symbol


Contactless Indicator Reproduction Requirements

Contactless Symbol Reproduction Requirements

Contactless Symbol Reproduction Requirements (Redline of changes from Oct 2014 version to Version 2.0 Nov 2016)

Acceptable Use Case Guidelines

Note that various versions of the license agreement are available depending on the type of licensee organization and the intended use case. To assist in identifying the appropriate agreement for your needs, review the Informational Guide: Which Contactless Marks Trademark License Agreement is Right for Me? This guide is for informational purposes only. Please carefully review the agreements to ensure you execute the appropriate agreement for your needs.

If you are a journalist or academic publisher and would like to use the Contactless Mark(s) in connection with factual statements within an informational article for non-commercial purposes, such as to educate audiences on the EMV® Specifications or technology, there is no need for a license as long as the mark is faithfully reproduced. If you have any questions or would like to seek further permissions, please contact


Contactless Marks TMLA – Payment Product Vendor Version

Contactless Marks TMLA – Payment Network Version

Contactless INDICATOR TMLA – For Closed Loop Payment Uses

Contactless INDICATOR TMLA – For Non-Payment Uses

EMV® Chip Terminal Icon

The EMV® Chip Terminal Icon is intended for organisations that own or operate certain EMV® chip-enabled payment card acceptance devices that are able to accept and process transactions of contact EMV® payment cards inserted into such devices (such as chip-enabled automated teller machines or point-of-sale terminals).  The Icon is intended to highlight to consumers that the device is enabled to accept and interact with chip-enabled cards

The mark may be used in accordance with the EMV® Chip Terminal Icon Reproduction Standards, and upon completing the EMVCo License Agreement For EMV® Chip Terminal Icon. EMV® Chip Terminal Icon files are provided after agreement to EMVCo’s license terms.