L3 Participant System Identifier Registration Programme

EMVCo has established a Participant System Identifier (PSI) allocation and management process. This process enables local payment schemes and other payment services providers, that are not full members of EMVCo, to register and obtain from EMVCo a unique 2-digit identifier that can be used with the EMVCo L3 testing construct. Local payment schemes and other payment processing providers wishing to develop and support their own L3 test cases for use on standardized L3 test tools may license the use of a PSI from EMVCo.

See Registered L3 PSI IDs
The Approval Process

Complete PSI registration form and agreement.

Step 2 EMVCo
  • Review application
  • Invoice applicant


Step 4 EMVCo
  • Approve application and issue L3 PSI
  • Publish L3 PSI
1 of 6 Step 1 Registration Request

Applicant must complete registration via an online process that has been setup through DocuSign. This process contains both the Registration Form and Agreement.

2 of 6 Step 2a EMVCo Review

Once the Applicant completes the DocuSign process above, EMVCo will review documents to ensure they are completed to the application requirements. If the documents have been completed correctly, EMVCo will approve. If not, EMVCo will decline and communicate directly with the Applicant to explain how the application must be corrected to proceed.

3 of 6 Step 2b Invoice

Assuming acceptance of the Application’s request, an L3 PSI Registration Packet will be sent to the Applicant.

4 of 6 Step 3 Payment

The applicant must pay the invoice in full prior to the L3 Participant System Identifier (L3 PSI) being issued and/or published on the EMVCo website.

5 of 6 Step 4a L3 PSI Issuance

EMVCo will, through the DocuSign process, assign an L3 Participant System Identifier (L3 PSI) and finalize Registration. An email will be sent to the applicant to note that the signing process is complete.

6 of 6 Step 4b L3 PSI Assignment

EMVCo will publish the L3 Participant System Identifier (L3 PSI) and Letter of Recognition (LoR) to the EMVCo website.


A requester of an L3 Participant System Identifier (PSI) must be a recognized provider of L3 testing services. This could include local payment schemes, payment processing service providers, payment service integrators, etc.

Fee Structure

The registration fees charged by EMVCo are intended to cover the administrative expense incurred by EMVCo in managing the L3 Participant System Identifier registration process. This process includes, but is not limited to:

Review of registration and Registrant criteria
Updates to the L3 Participant System Identifier registration process
Processing of registered Registrants including Letter of Registration
Maintenance of the registered and assigned L3 Participant System Identifiers list
Publication of the current L3 Participant System Identifier list

The following registration fee shall be paid to EMVCo by the Registrant:

$2,500 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred USD): Single payment associated with processing a request for registration and assignment of an L3 PSI from an organization requesting it.
$750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty USD): Annual payment to cover maintenance and continued usage of an EMVCo-assigned L3 PSI

Note: Payers are responsible for any bank charges associated with remittance. Each Registrant must work with its bank to ensure that EMVCo receives the full amount of the fee. The Request for Registration will not be reviewed until complete payment has been received.