Application Selection Registered Proprietary Data (ASRPD) ID

The Application Selection Registered Proprietary Data (ASRPD) Identifier (ID) is an ID assigned to a defined entity and maintained by EMVCo. It is used in certain circumstances when markets require proprietary terminal functionality based on card proprietary data.

See Registered ASRPD IDs
The Approval Process

Download and complete ID registration form and agreement.

Step 2 EMVCo
  • Review application
  • Invoice applicant


Step 4 EMVCo
  • Approve application and issue ID
  • Publish ID
1 of 4 Step 1 Registration

Download the Agreement and Registration form. Complete both documents and submit them to EMVCo via the email address specified in the Registration Form.

2 of 4 Step 2 EMVCo Review

EMVCo will review the forms to ensure that the applicant meets necessary criteria to obtain an ASRPD ID. This evaluation may take some time and may involve follow-up questions from EMVCo.

3 of 4 Step 3 Invoice & Payment

Upon approval of the application, EMVCo will email the applicant an invoice. Payment must be received in full prior to issuance of the ASRPD ID.

4 of 4 Step 4 ASRPD ID Issuance

Upon receipt of payment, EMVCo will approve the application and then issue and publish the ID.


The request for obtaining an ASRPD ID allocated by EMVCo shall meet all the following criteria:

Registrant is a company or governmental entity that is engaged in, or demonstrating intent to be engaged in, contact and/or contactless EMV® payment transactions and has a legitimate need to use an ID consistent with EMV® Specification Bulletin No. 175.

Fee Structure

The registration fee charged by EMVCo is intended to cover the administrative expense incurred by EMVCo in managing the ASRPD ID registration process. This process includes, but is not limited to:

Review of registration and applicant criteria
Updates to the ASRPD ID registration process
Maintenance of ASRPD ID database
Publication of the current ASRPD ID database
The following registration fee shall be paid to EMVCo by the ASRPD ID applicant:

$2,500 (Twenty five hundred USD) for reviewing the application and issuing the ASRPD ID.
The fee is non refundable except in limited circumstances. See EMVCo ASRPD ID Registration Agreement for details.

EMVCo ASRPD ID Registration Agreement