BIN Controller Registration Programme

EMVCo has established a BIN Controller Identifier Registration (“BIN Controller ID” or "BCID"), which is a 4 character value assigned to a BIN Controller for purposes of Payment Account Reference (PAR) governance, with registration being maintained by EMVCo. The BIN Controller Identifier is included as the first 4 characters of PAR Data and uniquely identifies the BIN Controller responsible for the governance of PAR and ensuring uniqueness within the PAR ecosystem governed by that BIN Controller. The BIN Controller Identifier is intended to provide transparency of the BIN Controller that governs PAR for those BINs that are under its span of control. EMVCo does not evaluate, approve, or otherwise endorse BIN Controllers. EMVCo solely maintains a list of BIN Controllers.

See Registered BIN Controllers


A BIN Controller Applicant must be able to provide documentation that it is an ISO/IEC Standard 7812 defined Card Scheme Blockholder or Card Issuer with Issuer Identification Number(s) assigned to it directly by ISO for purposes of issuing Primary Account Numbers (PANs). For the purpose of clarity, sub-licensees or assignees of Card Scheme Blockholders are not BIN Controllers.

Upon completion of the Registration Form, EMVCo will e-mail the main contact provided on the Registration Form to request a copy of the relevant part of the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) assignment agreement showing the IINs (also known as Bank Identification Numbers [BINs]) assigned to the BIN Controller Applicant and the name of the BIN Controller Applicant by the Registration Authority for the ISO/IEC 7812 standard. The application will not proceed until this has been received by EMVCo.