BIN Controller Registration Programme

EMVCo has established a BIN Controller Identifier Registration (“BIN Controller ID” or "BCID"), which is a 4 character value assigned to a BIN Controller for purposes of Payment Account Reference (PAR) governance, with registration being maintained by EMVCo. The BIN Controller Identifier is included as the first 4 characters of PAR Data and uniquely identifies the BIN Controller responsible for the governance of PAR and ensuring uniqueness within the PAR ecosystem governed by that BIN Controller. The BIN Controller Identifier is intended to provide transparency of the BIN Controller that governs PAR for those BINs that are under its span of control. Note that EMVCo does not accredit, approve, endorse or evaluate BIN Controllers, but rather, merely maintains this listing service.

See Registered Bin Controllers


  • BIN Controller is an entity that governs PAR and ensures PAR uniqueness within its own ecosystem that falls under its span of control. BIN Controllers will be ISO-based IIN/BIN Block Holders or Card Issuers that perform PAR governance and ensure PAR uniqueness
  • BIN Controller Registrant must demonstrate that it is an ISO-based Block Holder or Issuer owner of ISO BIN ranges for purposes of issuing Payment Account Numbers (PANs) and affiliated EMV® Payment Tokens according to the “EMV® Payment Tokenisation Specification – Technical Framework 1.0”