Registration Services

EMVCo maintains various lists of identifiers, which are aimed at improving interoperability and avoiding confusion in the payments ecosystem.


The Application Selection Registered Proprietary Data (ASRPD) Identifier (ID) is an ID assigned to a defined entity and maintained by EMVCo. It is used in certain circumstances when markets require proprietary terminal functionality based on card proprietary data.

BIN Controller ID

A BIN Controller ID (BCID) is a four-character code assigned to a BIN Controller and maintained by EMVCo.  It uniquely identifies the BIN Controller responsible for the governance of Payment Account Reference (PAR) and ensuring uniqueness within the PAR ecosystem.

Kernel ID

A Kernel ID is defined in EMVCo’s Book B: Entry Point Specification, and it is divided into international and domestic.  It defines a one-to-one matching between the card application and the contactless kernel in the reader.


Allocation of a unique L3 Participant System Identifier (PSI) is required in order to enable any organization that is not a full member of EMVCo, to fully utilize the capabilities and benefits of the EMV Level 3 testing construct to develop their own L3 test cases and provide testing services to their clients. The PSI is a 2-digit number, defined and managed by EMVCo and assigned to a registrant.

TSP Code

A TSP Code is a three-digit code assigned to a Token Service Provider (TSP) and maintained by EMVCo.  It uniquely identifies the pairing of the Token Requester with the Token Service Provider. This helps achieve transparency of the entity that provided the Payment Token.