NFC Consumer Device Approval Processes

EMVCo manages approval processes for NFC-based products like CMP/PPSE products, mobile devices, wearables or other form factors, as well as security evaluation of Software-Based Mobile Payment components or solutions.

Mobile Level 1 Approval Process

The Mobile Level 1 approval process attests the compliance of the mobile device to the EMV Contactless Communication Protocol Specification.

Mobile CMP/PPSE Approval Process

CMP approval testing includes both AAUI Specification compliance and security evaluation, whereas PPSE only evaluates AAUI Specification compliance.

Wearable Level 1 Approval Process

A wearable is defined as a chip- or HCE-based product that is incorporated into an item of clothing or accessory that supports proximity payment.

Chip & Platform Approval Process

Receiving a security evaluation certificate for an Integrated Circuit (IC) or a Platform product is a prerequisite for CMP approval.

Software-Based Mobile Payment Evaluation Process

The SBMP evaluation process leads to receiving a security evaluation certificate for a Software-Based Mobile Payment component or solution.