EMV® Level 3 Test Tool Qualification Service Provider Accreditation Process & Forms


The request for accreditation directed by EMVCo shall meet all the following criteria:

  • The QSP must have more than 5 years’ experience in test tool qualification areas.
  • The QSP must be founded more than 5 years.
  • The QSP should provide a detailed solution(s) proposal that meets the requirements in [document Link: (abbreviation), EMVCo L3 Qualification Service RFP], and specify Qualification Service set-up details including timelines and operational details.
  • The QSP is able to deliver the L3 test tool qualification service by the target activation date.


Q: Is there any annual audit request by EMVCo?

A: Yes. EMVCo reserves the right to audit the L3 QSP’s processes at least once a year. If a process issue is discovered, a more thorough, ad-hoc audit may be requested by EMVCo at the expense of the L3 QSP. If the findings of such an audit reveal significant shortfalls in the process, a termination of the contract could possibly be initiated by EMVCo.