Quick Resources

Introduction to EMVCo

Learn more about what EMVCo does, and why it matters.

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Why EMVCo?

Understand why EMVCo’s model is proven and effective for developing globally adopted specifications that support innovation and meet marketplace needs.

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Collaborating for Seamless and Secure Payments Worldwide

Find out how EMVCo engages and collaborates with the global payments industry to advance seamless and secure payments.

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How EMV® Specifications Support Online Commerce

Learn more about how the EMV® SRC, 3DS and Payment Tokenisation Specifications support global adoption of fraud-fighting technologies for reliable and convenient online commerce.

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EMV® 3DS for E-Commerce

Download to understand how EMV® 3DS helps fight e-commerce fraud and checkout friction to support safe and convenient online shopping.

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EMV® QR Code for Payments

Find out how EMV® QR Code specifications support the delivery of touchless and fast payments worldwide.