About EMVCo

EMVCo is a global technical body that helps enable seamless and secure card-based payments, which benefit consumers, businesses and financial institutions around the world.

Millions of card-based payments are made and accepted daily across the world. You can expect a payment card or device (e.g. smartphone or wearable) to work wherever you are in the world, whether it is used for in-store payment or shopping remotely. The process is familiar, convenient, and reliable for the consumers and businesses making payments, and the merchants accepting them.

EMVCo focuses on making this possible by providing EMV® Specifications, defining testing processes and issuing certification to provide a secure foundation for card-based payment products to work together seamlessly worldwide.

Banks, merchants, processors, vendors and other global payment ecosystem stakeholders participate as EMVCo Associates and Subscribers to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the EMV® Specifications.


What does EMVCo do? Who is EMVCo? How does EMVCo operate? How does the industry participate in EMVCo’s work? What is EMV®? Get answers to these key questions.

This three-minute animation offers a quick introduction to how EMVCo helps enable seamless and secure payments worldwide, which benefit consumers, businesses, and financial institutions globally.

EMV® Chip technology has been adopted worldwide to improve face-to-face transaction security, reduce counterfeit cards, and limit fraud. EMVCo publishes global transaction volume data twice a year which showcases the number of contact and contactless card-present payments using EMV® chip technology during a 12-month period, broken down by region.

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What are EMV® Specifications? Why are EMV® Specifications important? Who uses EMV® Specifications? Get answers to these key questions.

There are three elements to EMVCo’s organisation structure: industry engagement to seek input from key stakeholders, technical groups driven by subject matter experts, and the strategic and operation structure to support technical outputs that meet marketplace requirements.

Industry stakeholders from across the world have a significant influence on the work efforts of EMVCo and actively participate in the EMVCo Associates Programme to develop, enhance, and evolve the EMV® Specifications.

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Trademark & Assets

EMV® Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines define acceptable use for the EMV® Mark in printed and on-screen applications.