Bringing together stakeholders from across the payments industry, EMVCo’s annual user meeting will take place in a virtual format this year to allow participants from all over the world to join. In this EMV® Insights post, Junya Tanaka, Chair of the EMVCo Executive Committee, shares insight into the agenda for this year’s meeting and how to register.

With advances in device capabilities continuing to drive changes within the payment community, ensuring payments are reliable, convenient and secure remains a key priority for EMVCo. It’s also the driver for EMVCo’s annual user meeting, to be held Wednesday 9 June, 7-9 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

The session, which is open to all EMVCo Associates and Subscribers, will once again be virtual due to the global pandemic. While we would always prefer to have face-to-face gatherings, we have been hugely impressed by the attendance and participation in our online meetings over the last year, and look forward to welcoming a good turnout and a vibrant discussion at this year’s annual user meeting.

As is our standard practice, updates from EMVCo’s technical roadmap will be covered across card, terminal, security and EMV® payment tokenisation, alongside insights from EMV Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 activity.  This includes the latest testing of IQ demodulation requirements on contactless payment terminals to enable a more reliable and consistent experience, as well as work around a new encryption method by the terminal (XDA – Extended Data Encryption) based on the upcoming Elliptic Curve Cryptography addition to the EMV Contact Specifications.


New Initiative Insights

Last year we launched a number of work programmes to support new ways to pay. Updates will be provided from the:

  • EMVCo Wireless Task Force on its future plans. Earlier this year the group produced a set of illustrative use cases as part of its research to determine the needs and scope for further work into this area, such as the possible creation of specifications or guidelines for EMV payments over wireless technology. EMVCo Associates were encouraged to view the full scope of illustrative use cases, which included ‘Buy and Checkout’, ‘Shop and Go’ and ‘Toll Gate Access’.
  • Tap To Mobile Early Adopter Programme In 2020 we launched an initiative to explore the functional performances of Tap-to-Mobile device solutions – when commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices are used for contactless payment acceptance – and how these performances impact the consumer and merchant experiences. In March, a Tap-to-Mobile webinar was convened with mobile handset manufacturers to look at the work of the Early Adopter Programme, and to update the Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) Solution Database Pilot.


Let’s Talk Testing

One of the key roles that EMVCo plays is to provide testing processes, and product approval and security evaluations, which are used to confirm that EMV compliant products perform as they should. This promotes confidence and trust across the card-based payment community.

The reach of this activity is significant, with more than 75 approved laboratories, around 180 test tools and in excess of 8,400 approved and evaluated products.

At the User Meeting, a brief update will be shared on the significant work to maintain the testing programmes in place across Level 1, 2 and 3 activities, as well as card and terminal approvals, and security evaluations for chips, platforms and software-based mobile payment.

Additional time will be given to address EMV 3DS Specification updates and testing programme developments, and progress that is being made to identify if Click to Pay programmes that align to the EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Specifications can be evaluated.



Question and discussion time has been allocated within the session. However, we recognise that we don’t always have the answers, and sometimes, it takes time to reflect and digest the information to know what questions you want to ask.

In acknowledgement of this, a further gathering will be held the following week, Wednesday 16 June, 8-9 am Central European Time (CET), to address follow-up questions.

To view the full agenda and to register visit the EMV Associate and Subscriber Pages.

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