Listen to the first episode of EMVCo’s new podcast ‘Talking Payments with EMVCo’, for an insight into EMVCo’s plans for 2021 and beyond, along with a look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting growth of contactless and remote transactions.

EMVCo has launched a new podcast channel, ‘Talking Payments with EMVCo’, exploring key developments within EMVCo and the issues impacting the payments industry at large.

The quarterly podcast offers listeners detailed insights into EMVCo’s current and planned activity, and provides a platform for dialogue with EMVCo partners and experts on how EMV® Specifications are evolving to support the payments community. The channel also offers an opportunity for those in the industry using EMV technology to get to know the people behind the work at EMVCo.

In episode one, I spoke with my colleagues Bastien Latge, EMVCo’s Director of Technology, and Brian Byrne, EMVCo’s Director of Engagement and Operations, to find out what’s on EMVCo’s technical agenda for the coming 12 months. The first episode also explores EMVCo’s work in engaging within the payments industry to understand areas to be enhanced, improved and maintained, to support the infrastructures needed to enable seamless transactions globally.

Finally, listeners will learn about the role of EMVCo’s testing programmes, which provide participants in the payment ecosystem with greater confidence that tested products will interoperate on global secure infrastructures, regardless of where their customers make or receive a payment.