Industry Events

Upcoming Events

EMVCo participates in conferences and events to educate and engage with stakeholders across the world.

MULTOS Consortium Member Meeting

Session: EMV® Contactless Kernel Specification

Date: 1st December 2022

Location: Paris, France

Past Events

Fido Authenticate 2022

EMVCo, FIDO Alliance and W3C Roundtable Webinar: How do EMV® 3-D Secure and Secure Payment Confirmation Work Together?

PCI SSC North America Community Meeting

Contactless World Congress

Merchant Payments Ecosystem 22

ETA Transact 2022

Wolfe Fintech Forum

MRC Vegas 2022

STA/USPF Payments Summit 2022

EMVCo Webinar: Enhancing EMV® 3DS for eCommerce: Fighting Fraud and Friction

Banking 4.0

Payments International

U.S. Payments Forum All Member Meeting

EMVCo Webinar: ‘An Introduction to EMVCo – What it Does and How it Does it’

EMVCo Webinar: ‘EMV® QR Code™ Payments: Supporting Fast, Touchless Transactions Worldwide’

MPC 21 Digital Commerce Event

MAC Level Up 21

US Payments Forum July Member Meeting

FIDO Alliance Virtual Plenary

FIDO Alliance Virtual Plenary

APSCA Next Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit and Expo

FIDO Authenticate Conference

US Payments Forum

ETA Transact Connect

EMVCo and Merchant Risk Council Webinar: “EMV SRC: Understanding the Basics”

Vendorcom Future of Payments Conference

MAC Level Up 20

STA Payments Summit

STA Payments Summit

MAG Mid-Year Conference

EMVCo Webinar: “EMV® SRC: Understanding the Basics”


Banking 4.0 by Nocash Events

PCI SSC Europe Community Meeting

IATA World Financial Symposium

PCI SSC North America Community Meeting

National Restaurant Association – Information Technology Executive Study Group Meeting

Mobile Payments Conference

PaymentsEd Forum

US Payments Forum

European Payment Summit

MRC Vegas

US Payments Forum

Payments Summit