EMV® QR Code

A QR Code is an ISO 18004-compliant encoding and visualization of data. EMVCo’s activity in this area is providing specifications pertaining to the use of QR Code for payment purposes. EMVCo’s areas of focus are Consumer-presented QR Codes and Merchant-presented QR Codes. Note that "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.

QR Code self-evaluation Tools and processes

EMVCo has not developed traditional product approval process for QR Code but makes available some tools for Associates and Subscribers to submit Merchant-Presented QR Codes for immediate evaluation or to get QR Code samples to test their Consumer-Presented QR Codes reader.


Q: Why is EMVCo focusing on QR Code payment?

A: With the increasing deployment of QR Code payment methods, it is important that the payments ecosystem provides a consistent experience for merchants and consumers. Given its early stage of deployment and growing adoption, now is the time to ensure the technology’s potential is not constrained in the future due to compatibility issues.

An effective solution to ensure global interoperability for established payment methods has come through the development and implementation of global specifications. EMVCo is the global technical body that facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions by managing and evolving the EMV Specifications and related testing processes.

Adoption of EMV Specifications and associated approval and certification processes promotes a unified international payments framework, supporting payment methods, technologies and acceptance environments.

EMVCo is uniquely positioned to manage and evolve the global specifications for QR Code payments given its proven experience in defining and certifying secure payment methods.

Q: At a high level, what is EMVCo doing in this area?

A: EMVCo commenced its QR Code payments activity in 2016.

EMVCo has focused on creating QR Code payment specifications that provide convenience, security and reliability in line with other EMV Specifications. The EMV QR Code Specification intends to enable collaboration with industry participants and reflect the requirements of actors across the payments ecosystem.

Q: What does this mean specifically?

A: Two specifications have been developed to address the two dominant QR Code payment use cases: consumer-presented QR Codes and merchant-presented QR Codes.

  • With the consumer-presented mode, the customer displays the QR Code on their mobile device and the merchant uses an optical scanner to scan the QR Code.
  • With merchant-presented mode, the merchant displays the QR Code and the consumer uses their mobile device to scan the QR Code.

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Draft Specifications and Bulletins are shared with EMVCo Associates and Subscribers, who provide feedback and submit Queries.  They are also eligible to attend relevant meetings to discuss the Specifications.

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