EMVCo accredits independent laboratories and qualifies test tools that support testing and evaluation of payment products for compliance with EMV Specifications. EMVCo also issues registered identifiers to designated payment systems and providers. The various processes that support these activities are defined and managed by EMVCo.

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Software-Based Mobile Payment Evaluation Process

The SBMP evaluation process leads to receiving a security evaluation certificate for a Software-Based Mobile Payment component or solution.

Wearable Level 1 Approval Process

A wearable is defined as a chip- or HCE-based product that is incorporated into an item of clothing or accessory that supports proximity payment.

Mobile CMP/PPSE Approval Process

CMP (Contactless Mobile Payment) approval testing includes both AAUI (Application Activation User Interface) Specification compliance and security evaluation, whereas PPSE (Proximity Payment System Environment) only evaluates AAUI Specification compliance.

Mobile Level 1 Approval Process

The Mobile Level 1 assesses whether a mobile device sufficiently conforms to the EMV Contactless Communication Protocol Specification.

Chip & Platform Approval Process

The Chip & Platform Approval process enables a product provider to obtain a security evaluation certificate for an Integrated Circuit (IC) or a Platform product. Note that Chip Approval is a prerequisite for CCD or CPA approval.