Message from the Chair of the EMVCo Board of Managers

As we enter the second half of 2023, we can reflect on a busy last quarter of engagement with the EMVCo community. Our April Technical Meeting in Singapore and EMV® User Meeting in June in San Diego – including the co-located Lab Meeting – all played an important role in shaping strategic and technical priorities for EMVCo for the rest of 2023 and beyond. This includes our work to address changing payment preferences, the evolution of payment acceptance in-store and online, and the growth of omnichannel payments.

Below is a recap of key EMVCo news, technical updates, events and activities from the last quarter, and a snapshot of the latest educational resources available to support understanding of EMVCo’s work. We encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and industry peers.

Finally, as the EMVCo Board of Managers rotates the position every 12 months, this will be my last newsletter as Chair. I am pleased to welcome Carey Ferro to the role, and look forward to continuing to work with her, the EMVCo community and the wider payments industry to advance the EMV Specifications and support the delivery of seamless and secure payments across the world. I thank you all for your support in the last year.

Jonathan Main

Chair of EMVCo Board of Managers, 2022 – 2023

Upcoming Meetings

Associates can register for the following meetings via the EMVCo website. 

  • Board of Advisors Meeting, 10-12 October 2023, Nashville, USA
  • Technical Meeting, 13-16 November 2023, Barcelona, Spain

All 2023 meeting dates are listed on the Associate Dashboard.

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Singapore Technical Meeting Highlights

In April, EMVCo held the first of two planned Technical Meetings this year. EMVCo Associates met in Singapore to discuss EMVCo technical priorities and provide input into specification development. Key discussions included how biometric payment cards will be a key focus for EMVCo during this year, the roadmap for the EMV® Contactless Kernel Specifications and the enhancements to EMV 3DS in EMV 3DS v2.3.1.1. Attendees also heard from guest speaker, Andrew Jamieson, VP Solution Standards from PCI SSC.

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EMV® User Meeting Recap  

In June, Associates and Subscribers convened in San Diego, USA for the annual EMV® User Meeting. The two-day meeting provided a range of opportunities for EMVCo subject matter experts, representatives and EMV payment stakeholders from across the ecosystem to inform and advance EMVCo’s work in line with industry requirements.

Formal sessions included updates from EMVCo on the EMV Contactless Kernel Specification testing programme, and on testing changes being considered to support using a consumer mobile device as a payment acceptance terminal, known as TapToMobile. EMVCo also communicated how it has been advancing new EMV Secure Remote Commerce (EMV SRC) UI/UX Guidelines to demonstrate an enhanced EMV SRC user experience, and the new tool was previewed. Attendees also heard from guest speaker, Jason Bohrer, who leads the Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payments Forum, on payments industry trends in the US, including developments in EV Charging Open Payment.

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Combatting E-Commerce Payment Fraud in APAC

In June, EMVCo hosted a webinar with APSCA on the e-commerce fraud challenges facing businesses in the APAC region. Greg Pote, Chairman of APSCA chaired a panel with Arman Aygen, Director of Technology at EMVCo, Hanspeter Jsler, Managing Director at Netcetera Singapore, and Andy White, CEO of Australian Payments Network. Attendees learned about what types of payment and e-commerce fraud are most prevalent in APAC, what role EMV® Technologies can play in fighting e-commerce fraud, how different EMV Technologies can be used to secure online payments and what lessons APAC organisations can learn from specification implementations in other geographies.

Watch the recording of the webinar.

EMVCo Announces New European Liaison

EMVCo has announced the appointment of Tim Stuart to the role of European Liaison, succeeding Christian Delporte who is retiring.

Tim brings with him over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, holding various senior positions at Mastercard. His roles have included delivering EMV® Chip and EMV Contactless solutions, as well as addressing emerging industry trends such as IoT payments and digital identity.

As European Liaison, Tim will serve as EMVCo’s key point of contact in Europe in its engagement with stakeholders and institutions, in support of its work to develop globally adopted specifications that promote innovation and address marketplace needs.

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Technical Updates

EMV® Contactless Specifications for Payments Systems: Book E – Security and Key Management

In October 2022, Version 1 of the EMV® Contactless Kernel Specification (EMV® Contactless Specifications for Payment Systems: Book C-8 – Kernel 8 Specification) was published to support the evolution of contactless and mobile payments and simplify global acceptance.

Version 1.1 of the EMV Contactless Kernel Specification is now simplified by removing the cryptographic functions and instead cross-references EMV® Contactless Specifications for Payments Systems: Book E – Security and Key Management.

Book E is a new, dedicated document that defines the approaches and cryptographic methods – including Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) – to ensure adequate security functionality. EMVCo has now published both documents, following Associate review.

EMV® 3DS Version Specification

Following the release of Version of the EMV® 3DS Specifications in 2022, additional updates and improvements have been identified to optimise implementations. This includes improved support for Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) and Out of Band (OOB) authentication features.

To incorporate these elements and other additional clarifications, EMVCo is publishing Version of the EMV 3DS Specifications. To ensure full interoperability, the latest version is effective immediately and replaces EMV 3DS v2.3.1.0. Testing will be updated to reflect the latest enhancements and EMVCo is engaging with laboratories, test platform providers and EMV 3DS product providers to support the transition.

Biometric on Card

EMVCo is exploring how to support the growing use of biometric payment cards through the development of performance and security requirements for fingerprint sensors and processors. EMVCo is also exploring approval and evaluation frameworks that can help to balance convenience and security, while taking into account the unique considerations for biometric cards.

As an initial step, the performance requirements document is planned to be published for Associate review in Q3 2023. A Technical Special Interest Meeting is planned for Q4 2023 to discuss and explore the requirements in detail. EMVCo encourages all stakeholders, particularly biometric card manufacturers and biometric sensor providers, to engage with EMVCo and participate in the discussion.

TapToMobile Acceptance Criteria

EMVCo is exploring the introduction of minimum acceptance criteria and a supporting approval process for TapToMobile acceptance devices. This is in addition to traditional payment devices that define two additional Reduced Range acceptance criteria with different requirements relating to read range and positioning as outlined within the EMV® Contactless Interface Specification. EMVCo is currently refining the proposals and testing processes are expected to be available by the end of 2023/early 2024. EMVCo is also discussing payment specific requirements with the NFC Forum.

EMV® SRC UI/UX Guidelines

EMVCo has been advancing new EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (EMV SRC) UI/UX Guidelines to demonstrate an enhanced EMV SRC user experience. This has been developed in a dynamic, interactive format, and this new tool was previewed at the EMV User Meeting in June.


EMVCo participated in these key industry events in Q2:

U.S. Payments Forum Secure Remote Commerce Webinar

In May, EMVCo’s SRC Working Group Chair, Clinton Allen, spoke at the U.S. Payments Forum’s webinar on EMV SRC. Attendees learned about the value of EMV SRC and how the solution addresses barriers to e-commerce optimisation, like online fraud and cart abandonment.

Vendorcom Future of Merchant Payments Conference

In May, EMVCo’s Director of Technology, Arman Aygen, spoke at Vendorcom’s Future of Merchant Payments Conference. Arman delivered a session on EMV 3DS alongside Imran Ahmed, from EMVCo Associate Modirum, which was followed by a panel Q&A on e-commerce fraud and the importance of collaboration.

Merchant Risk Council Authentication Summit

In June, EMVCo’s Director of Technology, Arman Aygen, participated in a panel session at the Merchant Risk Council’s Authentication Summit. Arman explored the future of authentication and digital identity alongside speakers from Adyen and Mastercard.

 Don’t miss EMVCo at these upcoming industry events this year:

PCI SSC North America & Europe Community Meetings

EMVCo is attending the PCI SSC North America and Europe Community Meetings. Oliver Manahan, Director of Engagement and Operations, will speak at the North America Community Meeting in Portland on 12-14 September and Arman Aygen, Director of Technology, will speak at the Europe Community Meeting in Dublin on 24-26 October. Both Oliver and Arman will be delivering sessions on Mobile Payments and TapToMobile.

 European Association of Payment Service Providers for Merchants (EPSM) Meeting

EMVCo is attending the EPSM’s Member Meeting in Zurich on 28 September. Arman Aygen, Director of Technology, will present on latest updates to EMV 3DS and how it helps meet PSD2. He will also explore how the EMV Specifications evolve and give an overview of the collaborative work with W3C and FIDO.

FIDO Authenticate

EMVCo is attending FIDO Authenticate in California on 16-18 October. Arman Aygen, Director of Technology, will speak on authentication and standards.

APSCA Next-Generation Payments

EMVCo is attending APSCA Next-Generation Payments in Kuala Lumpur on 18-19 October. Oliver Manahan, Director of Engagement and Operations, will speak on the latest work from EMVCo on TapToMobile payments, Biometric on Card, and SRC UI/UX enhancements.

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