Laboratory Accreditation Process

The laboratory accreditation process evaluates a Laboratory’s capacity to become an EMVCo accredited test Laboratory or to renew a granted accreditation.

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The Approval Process
  • Download and signs registration form.
  • Submits the registration form to EMVCo.
Step 2 EMVCo
  • Reviews application.
  • Endorses or declines application request.
  • Send agreement/contract to EMVCo.
  • Selects EMVCo qualified auditor to perform evaluation.
Step 4 EMVCo
  • Signs agreement/contract & provide registration number.
  • Evaluates Audit report for approved or declined accreditation.
  • Publishes Laboratory on EMVCo website.
Process Summary

This process covers the EMV laboratory accreditation process and requirements for functional evaluations. Interested parties will need to complete the EMV Card and Terminal Type Approval Laboratory Accreditation Requirements.

1 of 4 Step 1 Registration

The Laboratory shall download the Registration form and duly complete the Form.

The laboratory shall submit the registration form to EMVCo. The laboratory shall also supply EMVCo with the laboratory overview of its abilities to meet EMV accreditation requirements.

Obtain the EMVCo Terminal Type Approval Functional Laboratory – Request for Registration by contacting EMVCo

2 of 4 Step 2 Registration Application Review

EMVCo reviews the Laboratory’s registration request and either endorses or declines the request.

Upon endorsement of the registration request, an Accreditation audit is required.

3 of 4 Step 3 Laboratory Audit and Agreements

The Laboratory shall send the signed agreement/contract to EMVCo. The following documents are provided to Laboratories when they contact the Card and Terminal Approval Secretariat:

  • EMVCo Functional Evaluation Laboratory Relationship Agreement (For Terminal and Card or Mobile Approval)
  • EMVCO TEST DOCUMENT LICENSE AGREEMENT (For EMV Test Laboratories) (Terminal Approval)
  • EMVCO TEST DOCUMENT LICENSE AGREEMENT (For Card or Mobile EMV Test Laboratories)Additionally, the Laboratory shall also select an Auditor. The Auditor will submit the audit report to EMVCo for endorsement. Note that this report covers ISO17025 requirements, Physical and Logical security, Laboratory Independency, and Laboratory internal processes and work instructions.
4 of 4 Step 4 Laboratory Accreditation

EMVCo signs the agreement/contract and provides the Laboratory with a registration letter and a registration number.

EMVCo evaluates the audit report and, upon endorsement of the Audit report, EMVCo will grant a Letter of Accreditation (LoA) with an accreditation number.

At this stage, the Laboratory is listed on EMVCo Website.


There are no prerequisites outside of this defined process.