EMVCo Subscribers

Hundreds of industry stakeholders around the world participate as EMVCo Subscribers to receive advance insights on EMV® Specifications and provide direct feedback.

Become an EMVCo Subscriber
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1 of 3 Subscriber Benefits Networking and Engagement

EMVCo Subscribers are eligible to attend the annual EMV User Meeting (registration fees apply) and have the opportunity to participate in a more regular and formal dialogue with EMVCo.

2 of 3 Subscriber Benefits Specification Insight

EMVCo Subscribers receive notice of pending developments and changes and can access draft documentation.

3 of 3 Subscriber Benefits Direct Feedback

EMVCo Subscribers have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on draft EMV Specification documentation to EMVCo’s technical working groups, as well as submit queries.

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More than a hundred organisations – including merchants, issuers, acquirers, payment networks, financial institutions, manufacturers, technology providers and testing laboratories – contribute their knowledge and expertise to the development of EMV Specifications.