EMV ECC Key Establishment Protocols

RFC until 28th January 2013


EMVCo is investigating new ECC-based mechanisms for protecting the communications between a card and terminal.
EMVCo has identified two candidate mechanisms for establishing a shared secret seed between card and terminal at the beginning of the transaction. This seed will then be used for deriving a session key that will be used for protecting all subsequent messages between card and terminal using a standard authenticated encryption method. The first mechanism has better performance than the second mechanism.

EMVCo solicits comments from EMVCo Technical Associates and cryptographic experts on the relative viability of the two key establishment mechanisms.

Comments can be provided by email to EMV-ECC-key-review@emvco.com or via the public comment facility of the EMVCo website https://www.emvco.com/PublicComments.aspx (to ensure that the comments are directed to the Security Working Group please categorise the comments as 'Security').

Publication DateVersionDescription Download
November 2012Draft 1st EditionEMV ECC Key Establishment Protocols - Draft - Comment Period Ends: 28 January 2013 Download