Specification Bulletins

This section contains changes or clarifications to the specifications. Documents marked “clarification” are tutorial notes intended to provide assistance on implementation issues.The effective date of each bulletin is stated in the bulletin itself.

Publication DateVersionDescription Download
April 20171st EditionSB-190: 3DS Requirement Numbering Scheme and Error Processing Download
March 20171st EditionSB-185: Biometric Terminal Specification Download
March 20171st EditionSB-195: Errata for EMV Book C-2 (Version 2.6) Download
January 20171st EditionSB-179: EMV Book C-4 Download
December 20161st EditionSB-180: Empty-I-Block End of Chain Download
December 20161st EditionSB-181: PCD Reset and PCD and PICC Power-off requirements Download
December 20161st EditionSB-182: Analogue Reception Download
December 20161st EditionSB-183: Type B Modulation Index Download
December 20161st EditionSB-187: FSCI-FSDI Download
December 20161st EditionSB-188: Type B Bit Boundaries Tolerance Download
December 20161st EditionSB-189: EMV Book C-4 Download
October 20161st EditionSB-184: R1 Detectable Disturbance Download
September 20161st EditionSB-171: Continue a Transaction in Progress Download
September 20162nd EditionSB-178 Tokenisation Data Objects Download
April 20161st EditionSB-178: Tokenisation Data Objects - Payment Account Reference (PAR) (Spec Change) Download
April 20162nd EditionSB-166: Clarifications and Specification Changes to Application Activation User Interface (Spec Change) Download
March 20161st EditionSB-172: EMD Handling Clarification (Spec Change) Download
February 20161st EditionSB-175: Application Selection Registered Proprietary Data (Spec Change) Download
February 20162nd EditionSB-142: User Interaction Parameters for Installation of Contactless Mobile Payment Applications (Spec Change) Download
February 20161st EditionSB-174: Tags for relay resistance data for Kernel 2 (Spec Change) Download
February 20161st EditionSB-177: Errata for EMV Book C-2 (Version 2.5) (Spec Change) Download
January 20161st EditionSB-167: Payment Account Reference (PAR) (Spec Change) Download
January 20161st EditionSB-176: EMV Book C-4, Version 2.5 (Spec Change) Download
December 20151st EditionSB-173: PICC Power-on set-up (Spec Change) Download
August 20151st EditionSB-169: Detectable Disturbance (Spec Change) Download
August 20151st EditionSB-168: Amended Timing Requirements (Spec Change) Download
June 20151st EditionSB-166: Clarifications and Specification Changes to Application Activation User Interface (Spec Change) Download
June 20151st EditionSB-170: Errata for EMV Book C-2 (Version 2.5) (Spec Change) Download
May 20151st EditionSB-161:Reserve TVR and AIP Bits for Contactless (Spec Change) Download
May 20151st EditionSB-163:Changes to PIN Pad requirements (Spec Change) Download
May 20151st EditionSB-164: Electronic Signature and Receipt Delivery (Spec Change) Download
May 20151st EditionSB-165: AES in CPA (Spec change) Download
April 20151st EditionSB-162: AES Key Derivation Erratum (Spec Change) Download
March 20152nd EditionSB-155: Polling Loop - Reset (Spec Change) Download
March 20151st EditionSB-150: Support of Extended Logical Channels (Spec Change) Download
February 20151st EditionSB-156: State Changes due to Influence of Type A on Type B and vice versa (Spec Change) Download
February 20151st EditionSB-155: Polling Loop - Reset (Spec Change) Download
February 20151st EditionSB-154: Definition of Type A and Type B Modulation Characteristics (Spec Change) Download
February 20151st EditionSB-153: Type B CID ISO/IEC 14443 Alignment (Spec Change) Download
February 20151st EditionSB-152: Type B Bit Boundaries (Spec Change) Download
January 20151st EditionSB-159: Incorrectly Formatted ICC Data Objects (Spec Change) Download
January 20151st EditionSB-158: EMV Book C-4, Version 2.4 Various Errata and Clarification (Spec Change) Download
January 20151st EditionSB-157: Changes to EMV Book C-7, Version 2.4 (Spec Change) Download
October 20141st EditionSB-151: Clarification on Cardholder Selection and Cardholder Confirmation (Spec Change) Download
October 20141st EditionSB-149: Specification Update EMV Book C-2, Version 2.4 (Spec Change) Download
September 20141st EditionSB-148: Clarification on Terminal Support of Multiple Application Version Numbers per AID (Spec Change) Download
September 20141st EditionSB-147: Clarification on the Format of Exponent Data Elements (Spec Change) Download
September 20141st EditionSB-146: Entry Point Final Combination Selection (Spec Change) Download
September 20141st EditionSB-145: Clarification on the Format of ICC Public Key Exponent (Spec Change) Download
August 20141st EditionSB-142: User Interaction Parameters for Installation of Contactless Mobile Payment Applications (Spec Change) Download
August 20142nd EditionSB-119: Clarifies Group Member CREL & FCI contactless characteristic declarations, clarifies length of Base AID (Spec Change) Download
June 20141st EditionSB-144: Terminal Unpredictable Number generation (Spec Change) Download
April 20141st EditionSB-143: Entry Point Final Combination Selection (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-137: CDA (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-141: Clarification on Random Transaction Selection (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-140: Clarification on the Format of AFL, Byte 1 (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-139: Clarification on Data Content for DGIs ‘3Fxx’ (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-138: Errata EMV Book C-2, Version 2.3 (Spec Change) Download
March 20141st EditionSB-134: ATTRIB Command – Higher Layer - INF Field (Spec Change) Download
February 20141st EditionSB-128: Behaviour of a single PICC supporting multiple technologies (Spec Change) Download
February 20141st EditionSB-133: PICC R(ACK) / R(NAK) (Spec Change) Download
January 20141st EditionSB-123: Alignment 3 (Spec Change) Download
January 20141st EditionSB-132: FSC Exception Handling (Spec Change) Download
January 20141st EditionSB-126: Coding and handling of RFU bits and values (Spec Change) Download
January 20141st EditionSB-124: Clarification to Exception Handling (Spec Change) Download
October 20131st EditionSB-131: Reserved DGIs for Proprietary Use (Spec Change) Download
September 20131st EditionSB-129: Clarifies Internal Mode for PPSE with GlobalPlatform-based Secure Elements (Spec Change) Download
August 20131st EditionSB-130: Autorun as Implementation Option (Spec Change) Download
August 20131st EditionSB-127: Modulation Measurement Clarifications (Spec Change) Download
August 20131st EditionSB-122: Alignment 2 (Spec Change) Download
July 20131st EditionSB-125: Title Polling Sequence (Spec Change) Download
May 20131st EditionSB-119: Clarifies Group Member CREL & FCI contactless characteristic declarations, clarifies length of Base AID (Spec Change) Download
April 20131st EditionSB-121: Alignment (Spec Change) Download
March 20131st EditionSB-111: Clarification on Application Filtering (Spec Change) Download
February 20131st EditionSB-113: SDA selected TVR bit (Spec Change) Download
February 20131st EditionSB-120: Reserve AIP Bits for Contactless (Spec Change) Download
February 20131st EditionSB-115: Type A State Machine - Definition of ERROR (Spec Change) Download
February 20131st EditionSB-114: Case 4 Command Processing with Warning Condition (Spec Change) Download
December 20121st EditionSB-118: Clarification on the Definition of Payment System (Spec Change) Download
December 20121st EditionSB-117: Order of Data Elements in Templates (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-110: Alignment of Param 3 Coding of the ATTRIB Command with ISO 14443 Changes (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-109: FDT tolerance (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-108: Start of Measurement of tRESETDELAY (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-107: S(PARAMETERS) (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-106: Power-off Procedure (Spec Change) Download
October 20121st EditionSB-105: End of Sequence – Type B (Spec Change) Download
September 20121st EditionSB-112 : Combination Selection and Final Combination Selection (Spec Change) Download
May 20121st EditionSB-104 : Issuer guidance on TVR bit setting for CDA (Spec Change) Download
April 20121st EditionSB-103 : Unpredictable Number generation (Spec Change) Download
March 20121st EditionSB-99 : Start and End of Sequence Clarification (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-102 : Maximum value of load modulation (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-101 : FDT tolerance (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-100 : Maximum Field Strength Interoperability Issue (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-98 : Coding of RFU bits in Param 3 of ATTRIB (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-97 : Minimum Value of t3 and t4 (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-96 : Type B State Machine - Definition of ERROR (Spec Change) Download
February 20121st EditionSB-95 : Minimum Value of tRESET and tP (Spec Change) Download
November 20111st EditionSB-94 : Aligns Kernel Identifier Tag & Corrects the Contactless Protocol Parameter Profile Values & the Class byte (Spec Change) Download
September 20111st EditionSB-90 : CPA Select Response for Blocked Applications (Spec Change) Download
September 20111st EditionSB-93 : Removal Procedure (Spec Change) Download
September 20111st EditionSB-86 : Load Modulation Sense (Spec Change) Download
September 20111st EditionSB-92 : Various Changes to Book 2 (Spec Change) Download
August 20111st EditionSB-91 : AES Support in Common Core Definitions (CCD) (Spec Change) Download
August 20113rd EditionSU-70 : Selectable Kernel Configurations (Spec Change) Download
August 20111st EditionSB-89 : EMV Tag Allocations (Spec Change) Download
August 20111st EditionSB-88 : Application Selection Updates (Spec Change) Download
August 20111st EditionSB-87 : Reserve AIP Bit for Contactless (Spec Change) Download
May 20111st EditionSB-85 : CVM Results after a CVM Failure (Spec Change) Download
December 20101st EditionSB-84 : CPA Specification Update (Spec Change) Download
December 20101st EditionSB-83 : Incorrectly Formatted ICC Data Objects (Spec Change) Download
November 20102nd EditionAN-41 : Recommendations for CDA Terminals (Clarification) Download
July 20102nd EditionSB-74 : AES option in EMV (Spec Change), revision of SU-74 1st Edition Download
March 20101st EditionSB-82 : Various Terminal Updates (Spec Change) Download
March 20101st EditionSB-79 : Amount Requested in the PDOL (Spec Change) Download
February 20101st EditionSB-78 : Removal of DDF Entries from PSE Records (Spec Change) Download
February 20101st EditionSB-81 : CPA Currency Conversion Accumulator Overflow (Spec Change) Download
December 20091st EditionSB-80 : Editorial Errors in Version 4.2 of the EMV Specifications (Spec Change) Download
November 20091st EditionSB-75 : Terminal AID (Spec Change) Download
November 20091st EditionSB-76 : Language Selection (Spec Change) Download
November 20092nd EditionSU-69 : Padding of BER-TLV Encoded Constructed Data Objects (Spec Change) Download
November 20092nd EditionSU-70 : Selectable Kernel Configurations (Spec Change) Download
November 20092nd EditionSU-71 : Change the status of the ‘Presence’ of the Application Label data element in the FCI of an ADF to mandatory (Spec Change Download
August 20091st EditionSU-77 : Entry Point Specification – Contactless Application Capabilities Type – Byte 2 (Spec Change) Download
December 20081st EditionSU-72 : DDA support in terminals This specification update requires offline-capable terminals to support DDA. (Spec Change) Download
July 20081st EditionSU-68 : '61 La' response when using T=1 (Spec Change) Download
June 20084th EditionSU-37 : Editorial Errors in Release 4.1 of the EMV Specifications (Spec Change) Download
May 20081st EditionSU-66 : CCD Setting of CDA Performed in the CVR (Spec Change) Download
May 20081st EditionSU-65 : CPA Last Online Transaction Not Completed (Spec Change) Download
May 20081st EditionSU-64 : CPA Security Limits Status Indicators ( Spec Change) Download
May 20084th EditionSU-58 : Editorial Errors in Release 1.0 of the CPA Specification (Spec Change) Download
April 20081st EditionSU-67 : EMV Contactless Communication Protocol Specification, v2.0 (Spec Change) Download
March 2008N/ASU-48 : CVM List Processing (Spec Change) Download
February 2008N.A.AN-40 : CPA Personalisation of Duplicate Record Data (Clarification) Download
February 2008N.A.AN-39 : CPA Transaction Logging Controls in Application Control (Clarification) Download
February 20083rd EditionSU-63 : CPA Update of VLP Available Funds (Spec Change) Download
February 20082nd EditionSU-60 : CPA Logging Data Element Minimums (Spec Change) Download
November 2007N.A.AN-38 : Recommendations Regarding the Use of Historical Bytes (Clarification) Download
November 20072nd EditionSU-62 : CPA Personalisation of Log Entry with EMV-CPS (Spec Change) Download
November 20073rd EditionSU-41: Corrections to Common Core Definitions (Spec Change) Download
September 20071st EditionSU-54 : Missing Mandatory Command Response Data (Spec Change) Download
September 2007 AN-37 : Clarifications Regarding Offline PIN Encipherment (Clarification) Download
August 2007N.A.SU-61 : CPA Additional Check Table Error Processing (Spec Change) Download
July 2007N.A.SU-53 : Removal of PIN Pad Security Descriptions (Spec Change) Download
May 2007N.A.SU-55 : Terminal Velocity Checking and CCD (Spec Change) Download
April 2007N.A.AN-34 : Padding of Bit Combination Data in DOLs (Clarification) Download
February 2007N.A.AN-33 : Random Padding for Offline PIN Encipherment (Clarification) Download
February 2007N.A.AN-32 : Advice requested in the Cryptogram Information Data (Clarification) Download
February 2007N.A.AN-30 : Second Edition - Initialisation of Terminal Data (Clarification) Download
February 2007N.A.SU-57 : MAC Algorithm for CCD Secure Messaging (Spec Change) Download
February 20072nd EditionSU-56 : CPA Corrections and Changes (Spec Change) Download
February 2007N.A.SU-52 : Certification Revocation Lists (Spec Change) Download
February 2007N.A.SU-50 : Terminal Unpredictable Number Generation (Spec Change) Download
February 2007N.A.SU-44 : CDA Modified Terminal Behaviour (Spec Change) Download
November 2006N.A.AN-31 : Coding of the length field of BER-TLV coded data objects not sent over the card-terminal interface (Clarification) Download
July 2006N.A.SU-51 : Online-only terminals (Spec Change) Download
July 2006N.A.SU-49 : Data Errors during List of AIDs Selection (Spec Change) Download
April 2006N.A.SU-47 : Support for Proprietary Authentication Data in CCD (Spec Change) Download
April 2006N.A.SU-45 : Enciphered PIN Recovery Errors (Spec Change) Download
November 2005N.A.SU-46 : Replacement of EMV Session Key Derivation Method (Spec Change) Download
November 20052.0AN-2 : Coding and Usage of TA2 (Clarification) Download
October 2005N.A.AN-29 : Format 1 Secure Messaging (Clarification) Download
October 2005N.A.SU-43 : Correction to the Coding of TA2 (Spec Change) Download
October 2005N.A.SU-42 : Voice Referrals (Spec Change) Download
July 2005N.A.AN-28 : Data Source for Chip-originated Messages (Clarification) Download
July 2005N.A.AN-27 : Terminal Behaviour for Goods & Services Checks during the Processing Restriction Function (Clarification) Download
June 2005N.A.SU-38 : Terminal Key Management (Spec Change) Download
June 2005N.A.SU-39 : Definition of the new data element: ‘Account Type’ (Spec Change) Download
May 2005N.A.AN-26 : Warm Reset Timing (Clarification) Download
March 2005N.A.SU-40 : Additional Corrections and clarifications to EMV Card Personalization Specification (Spec Change) Download
February 2005N.A.AN-25 : Issuer Application Data coding for CCD-compliant and Non CCD-compliant Applications (Clarification) Download
December 2004N.A.AN-24 : Coding of Transaction Type (Clarification) Download
December 2004N.A.AN-23 : Data Elements in the PDOL (Clarification) Download
August 20041st EditionAN-22 : Padding of BER-TLV Encoded Constructed Data Objects (Clarification) Download
June 200402AN-7 : Data Element Format Convention Definition (Clarification) Download
June 20040.3SU-29 : Error Handling during Application Selection (Spec Change) Download
June 2004N.A.SU-25 : Common Core Definitions (Spec Change) Download
June 200401SU-19 : Support for Transaction Log Files (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-34 : Format 1 Secure Messaging for Confidentiality (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-36 : EMVCo Payment System Public Key Policy (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-30 : Terminal Security Requirements for PIN Entry and Amount Entry (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-28 : Format 1 Secure Messaging Chaining (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-27 : ARPC Generation Option (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.SU-26 : Master Key Derivation Option (Spec Change) Download
May 2004N.A.AN-21 : Clarification to Format 1 Secure Messaging (Clarification) Download
April 2004N.A.AN-20 : Additional Data Allowed in the Directory Discretionary Template (Clarification) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-33 : Clarification of Terminate in the EMV Specification (Spec Change) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-32 : Additional Data Elements facilitating Domestic Processing during Application Selection (Spec Change) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-31 : Support Requirements for Character Sets (Spec Change) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-24 : Terminal Behaviour during Application Selection (Spec Change) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-22 : Terminal behaviour when data for CVM condition is not known (Spec Change) Download
April 2004N.A.SU-18 : Velocity Checking Modification (Spec Change) Download
February 2004N.A.SU-35 : Change of Terminology for Issuer Identification Number (Spec Change) Download
February 2004N.A.AN-19 : Clarification of Odd parity requirements during session key derivation (Clarification) Download
January 2004N.A.SU-20 : Combined DDA/AC Generation (Spec Change) Download
December 2003N.A.SU-17 : Additional Terminal Capabilities - Cash Deposit Transaction Type (Spec Change) Download
December 2003N.A.SU-16 : Enhancement to If Cash or Cashback CVM Condition Code (Spec Change) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-18 : Track 2 Equivalent Data Padding (Clarification) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-17 : Terminal Requirements regarding Status Words returned to an EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATE command (Clarification) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-16 : Authorisation Request Repeats (Clarification) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-15 : Additional Data Allowed in the FCI Returned in Response to a SELECT Command (Clarification) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-14 : Considerations when using Higher D Values to Increase Data Transfer Rates (Clarification) Download
December 2003N.A.AN-13 : TVR and TSI Bit Settings Following Script Processing (Clarification) Download
November 2003N.A.SU-21 : Clarification of Actions During Offline Enciphered PIN processing (Spec Change) Download
November 2003N.A.SU-23 : Corrections and Clarifications to EMV Card Personalization Specification (Spec Change) Download
July 2003N.A.AN-12 : Language Preference Coding (Clarification) Download
June 2003N.A.AN-11 : Setting of Default TDOL Used Bit in TVR (Clarification) Download
June 2003N.A.AN-10 : Guidance on Placement of Alternative Technologies on EMV Cards (Clarification) Download
March 2003N.A.AN-9 : Application Priority Indicator (Clarification) Download
February 2003N.A.AN-8 : Issuer and ICC Public Key Length Restrictions (Clarification) Download
January 2003N.A.SU-15 : Changes to Key Colours and Keypad Layout (Spec Change) Download
December 20022.0SU-8 : Editorial Changes for EMV 2000 Version 1.0 (Spec Change) Download
October 20020.1SU-12 : Offline Data Authentication Processing (Spec Change) Download
October 2002N.A.SU-14 : Change to format specification for the Application Label and Application Preferred Name (Spec Change) Download
August 2002N.A.SU-13 : EMV 2000 Session Key Derivation (Spec Change) Download
August 2002N.A.SU-7 : Lower Voltage Cards Amendment to Book 1 (Spec Change) Download
June 2002N.A.AN-5 : Key Length Terminal Checking Requirements Clarification (Clarification) Download
June 2002N.A.AN-6 : Clarification to Application Selection (Clarification) Download
March 2002N.A.SU-10 : Addition of flag to indicate support of No CVM Required cardholder verification method (Spec Change) Download
March 2002N.A.SU-9 : Modification to Combined Dynamic Data Authentication (Spec Change) Download
December 2001N.A.SU-6 : Modification to Combined Dynamic Data Authentication and Application Cryptogram Generation (Spec Change) Download
December 2001N.A.SU-5 : Update To Reference for ISO 639 (Spec Change) Download
November 2001N.A.SU-4 : Change to status of ‘Presence’ of the Application Label data element (Spec Change) Download
November 2001N.A.SU-1 : Correction to Tag Value for Issuer Application Data (Spec Change) Download
November 2001N.A.SU-3 : ICC PIN Encipherment Public Key Remainder and Exponent Tags - Error Corrections (Spec Change) Download
November 2001N.A.SU-2 : Terminal Implementation Clarifications (Spec Change) Download
November 2001N.A.AN-1 : IFSC Negotiation during Chaining (Clarification) Download
March 2001N.A.AN-3 : Implied Terminal Requirements (Clarification) Download
July 2000N.A.AN-4 : Fail Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Rule Clarification (Clarification) Download
June 2000N.A.SU-11 : Change to format specification for the Authorization Code data element (Spec Change) Download