EMVCo Kernel ID

Book B: Entry Point specification defines a Kernel ID to ensure a one-to-one matching between the card application and the contactless kernel in the reader. The Kernel ID is defined in the Entry Point specification and is divided into international and domestic.

The assignment of IDs for international kernels is managed by EMVCo and the procedure is outlined in the below EMVCo Kernel ID Registration Process document. The second document is the Kernel ID Registration Agreement. The below table lists those organizations that have obtained an EMVCo Kernel ID.


Kernel ID Date Organization name Contact
2A 10 November 2015 Girocard Scheme (represented by Euro Kartensysteme GmbH) Sabine Sieberling
2B 7 September 2016 TROY Sami ÖZEN

Publication DateVersionDescription Download
August 2011 EMVCo Kernel ID Registration Process Download
August 2011 EMVCo Kernel ID Registration Agreement Download