EMVCo Technical Associates

Benefits of Technical Associate Participation

EMVCo Technical Associates have the opportunity to provide input and receive feedback on detailed technical and operational issues connected to the EMV® Specifications and related processes.

Open to any industry stakeholder with an interest in monitoring the EMV® Specifications, this participation type also gives organisations the opportunity to interact regularly with EMVCo’s technical Working Groups, offer input to meeting agendas, submit technical contributions to EMVCo for consideration, and gain early access to draft specifications and other technical documents.

Furthermore, up to five seats on the EMVCo Board of Advisors are reserved for Technical Associates representing distinct market sectors. Technical Associate representation on the Board of Advisors is determined through an annual election process.

Benefits include the following:

      • Engagement with EMVCo technical Working Groups, ensuring up-to-date information on all Working Group activities and future specification development from inception. Privileges include the following:
        • Participation in workshops with all Working Groups
        • The opportunity to provide input to meeting agendas
        • The opportunity to submit technical contributions
        • Advance receipt of Working Group meeting materials and documents
      • Eligibility to attend twice annual Technical Associate meetings
      • Eligibility for participation in ad hoc task force activity, offering involvement in new research efforts
      • Voting and election opportunities for up to six Board of Advisor seats annually
      • Focused networking opportunities with EMVCo Board of Managers, Working Group representatives and other Technical Associates
      • Free company Subscriber benefits, including:
        • Advance access to EMV® Specification revisions, draft documents and upcoming meeting materials
        • Participation in an annual EMV® User Meeting hosted by EMVCo with free registration for three attendees

The annual fee for EMVCo Technical Associate participation is $25,000.  Business Associates wishing to participate at a Technical Associate level may do so for an annual fee of $12,500, in addition to the base Business Associate fee.

How do I participate as a TA?

Click here to sign up as an EMVCo Technical Associate. EMVCo invoices annual TA participation fees, which are prorated for those organisations joining mid-year.

What are the Participation Terms?

Technical Associate participation is open to payment industry stakeholders (or their representative associations) that have a commercial or technical interest in monitoring the EMV® Specifications.

To review eligibility requirements, see the Policy & Procedures Document.

To review participation terms, review the EMVCo Associates Programme Participation Agreement.

*Elected as a Technical Associate representative to EMVCo’s Board of Advisors for 2019.


Q: What is a Technical Associate?

A: A Technical Associate is one of two participation types provided for in the EAP. To participate as a Technical Associate, the applicant must be a stakeholder in the payment card industry (such as a card or terminal manufacturer, merchant/retailer, or Payment Service Provider), or a representative association of a type of such industry stakeholders, and have an interest in monitoring the EMV® Specifications.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Technical Associate?

A: Technical Associate benefits include workshops three time a year with EMVCo Working Groups (two by conference call and one in-person), advance access and input to EMV® Specifications development, the opportunity to participate in certain EMVCo ad hoc task force activities, eligibility to vote for and/or be elected to up to six seats to represent a number of industry sectors on the Board of Advisors, complimentary Company Subscriber status, free registration for EMVCo's annual User Meeting for three attendees, and industry specific networking opportunities.

Q: What is the annual participation fee for Technical Associates?

A: The annual participation fee for a Technical Associate is $25,000 payable in advance. Fees are payable on an annual basis and prorated for those organizations that join mid-year.

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Q: How can I change my contact information?

A: Once logged in as an Associate, you may update your profile by selecting 'Click here' under the “My Account” header, and then selecting 'Update My Profile' on the left side of page. Once your information is updated, select 'Submit' at the bottom of page.

Q: How can I change my login ID?

A: Your default login ID is your email address. Once logged in as an Associate, you may update your profile by selecting 'Click here' under the “My Account” header, and then selecting 'Update My Profile' on the left side of page. Once your information is updated, select 'Submit' at the bottom of page.

Q: How can I reset my password?

A: On the EMVCo website homepage, select 'Login' located at the upper right corner of the page. Enter your login ID, select 'Forgot Password', and enter the information requested.

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