Participating Organisations

EMVCo engages and collaborates with hundreds of organisations, technical bodies and industry associations to develop EMV® Specifications that support innovation and address marketplace needs. This results in specifications used across the payments industry to create products and services that deliver trusted and convenient payments for merchants and consumers around the world.

“EMVCo casts a wide net of technology providers and payments organisations that it communicates with when developing specs. It’s a list that includes virtually every key payments company, technology provider, security firm or financial services organisation.”

Quick Resource

Download this quick resource for a high-level overview of how EMVCo engages and collaborates with the global payments industry to advance seamless and secure payments.

EMVCo Associates

EMVCo Associates contribute their knowledge and expertise to shape the development of EMV® Specifications.


EMVCo Subscribers

EMVCo Subscribers receive advance insight and provide direct feedback.


EMVCo Industry Partners

Regional and global technical bodies and industry associations, collaborate with EMVCo on its specifications and initiatives that improve security and payment experiences around the world to there are no conflicting requirements or gaps that would limit implementation.

“The U.S. Payments Forum has worked closely with EMVCo over the years in our efforts to support the introduction and implementation of EMV® chip and other new and emerging technologies that protect the security of, and enhance opportunities for, payment transactions within the U.S. . . . .”

“W3C, EMVCo and FIDO have been working together for a number of years, and now is the time for the industry to start to reap the benefits.”

“As a multi-stakeholder organisation supporting and promoting standardisation requirements for a market-driven implementation, ECSG is glad to benefit from longstanding and active participation of EMVCo in its work, enabling a consistent customer experience when making or accepting card payments in Europe.”

“Seamless and secure payments are built on global standards and specifications. EMVCo has been flexible updating specifications in order to meet regulatory and technical changes. We are confident that EMVCo will continue to deliver specifications for any future payments needs.”

“For more than 20 years APSCA has collaborated with EMVCo to educate stakeholders across Asia-Pacific on the benefits of using EMV Specifications as a foundation for seamless and secure payments. These efforts have been key to driving EMV Chip migration in the region, and supporting the continued growth of contactless, mobile NFC, QR Codes and digital payments.”