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EMVCo introduces EMV Insights, a new EMVCo resource for providing information and updates to support EMV understanding.

Welcome to EMV Insights! EMVCo is introducing this educational resource to support global understanding and adoption of EMV Specifications and supporting programmes.

Whether you are an EMVCo Associate, EMVCo Subscriber, or new to EMVCo entirely, we hope EMV Insights will be a useful source of information for you on all things EMV®.

Visitors can expect a variety of content, from insights on the latest EMV initiatives, to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and educational resources that explain the basics of EMV®.

Be sure to view the first posts here:

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We hope you find EMV Insights informative and interesting, and if you have any suggestions on subjects you would like to know more about or topics you think should be covered, please let us know at

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