CCD Process Forms

EMVCo has developed various Card Type Approval process related forms. Some forms must be submitted prior to the start of testing and some have to be submitted as part of the testing and approval process.

The following Card Type Approval process documents are available to view or download.

When duly completed, all forms shall be signed, scanned, and emailed to the following address:


Effective DateVersionDescription Download
March 20174.3eEMVCo Common Core Definitions Level 1 & Level 2 Implementation Conformance Statement Download
September 20141.0Common Core Definitions / Common Payment Application Approved Card Change Request Form Download
July 20141.0Approval Renewal Request Form Download
November 2013FinalEMVCo Card & Mobile Type Approval - Product Provider - Request for Registration Download
August 2013FinalEMVCo Card or Mobile Type Approval - Chip Provider and Product Provider - Business Review Form Download
October 2010FinalRequest for Review - Owner Specification Download
October 2010FinalRequest for Review - Non-CCD Test Cases Download
October 2010FinalRequest for Approval - CCD Download