Terminal Integration

The Terminal Integration Task Force (TITF) was established by EMVCo in September 2013, to examine the payment systems’ (Brands) testing processes for the integration of EMV contact and contactless acceptance devices into their payment environments. The task force’s mission was to determine the feasibility of aligning key elements of these individual processes, thereby delivering a more streamlined integration testing experience to Chip acquirers and acquirer processors (Testers) that support multiple payment Brands.

The charter defined by EMVCo for the task force required a detailed review of the various processes that Testers encounter to meet individual Brands’ requirements for a terminal that has been approved by EMVCo and is ready for deployment in the field. The task was to determine if it was possible to create a single, consolidated process, possibly managed by EMVCo. If so, the task force would present a proposal to the EMVCo Board for approval and implementation.