EMV User Meetings

EMVCo facilitates regular User Meetings to create a forum for direct feedback into EMVCo of all interested stakeholders.

The objectives of the User Meetings are:

  1. For the User Group to have a general understanding of EMVCo’s charter and mission, structure, EMV specifications status, current activities, interoperability discussions, and perspective on business and technical topics.
  2. For EMVCo to have a general understanding of the User Group’s perspective on the EMV specifications, EMVCo’s current activities, interoperability discussions and business and technical topics.


Any person can participate in the User Meetings upon payment of the EMVCo subscriber fee, a separate meeting registration fee, and execution of the appropriate subscriber and meeting documents. Reference to the User Group is primarily used in the context of User Meetings.

Stakeholder Roles

  1. User Group
    In the context of the User Meetings, the role of the User Group is to provide direct feedback and questions to EMVCo on issues relating to EMVCo activities, such as the EMV specifications. The diverse demographics of the User Group provide a well-rounded perspective on how the specifications, for example, may remain relevant in the broader payment industry, as well as its specific touch points.

    The role of the User Group is also to share its views on the activities and initiatives that EMVCo pursues. It provides advice on the important issues it faces with respect to the various areas of the payment landscape in an attempt to align objectives.

    The role of the User Group could also include exchanging information with other User Group participants to allow for sharing best practices.

  2. EMVCo
    In the context of the User Meetings, the role of EMVCo is to provide information to the User Group on the items below and address any questions.
    1. EMVCo charter and mission
    2. EMVCo structure
    3. EMVCo progress report
    4. EMV specifications
    5. Emerging technologies and future activities
    6. General business topics
    7. General technical topics
    8. Interoperability topics

    In turn, EMVCo will consider the views shared at the User Meetings when determining its business and technical direction and activities.


The agenda for the User Meetings will include a plenary session to cover general items such as EMVCo’s charter and mission, structure, and progress report. The agenda will also include various tracks/breakout sessions to allow for direct feedback on the EMV specifications; as well as a discussion and question and answer session on business, technical, regional, and other critical topics. Both the plenary session and the track session may include keynote speakers and other guest speakers covering topics germane to EMV and the payments industry.


The User Meetings will occur at least once a year.


The User Meetings location will rotate between Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Other Meeting Logistics

  1. Meeting Registration
    The User Group will be responsible for their meeting registration and payment of the meeting registration fee.
  2. Travel Arrangements, Travel Expenses, and Hotel Accommodations
    The EMVCo Secretariat will offer to the User Group a hotel recommendation if the attendees wish to take advantage of the special room rates. However, the User Group is responsible for scheduling their travel arrangements.

    The User Group is also responsible for incurring their travel-related expenses.