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Why wait until after new specifications are completed to learn about upcoming EMV Specification revisions, draft documents and meetings?

Now the EMVCo Subscriber service makes it possible to get advance notice of pending developments and changes, as well as to participate in a more regular and formal dialogue with EMVCo. 

EMVCo also hosts an annual EMV User Meeting for Subscribers.

The service is open to anyone, and may be particularly valuable to organisations in the global payment industry, including vendors, consultants, laboratories, payment schemes, merchants and regional associations. The current annual fee for the EMVCo Subscriber service is US$750 for Individuals and US$2,500 for Companies. EMVCo will reinvest subscription fees into the organisation to support its ongoing objective of facilitating worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions.

Benefits of the EMVCo Subscriber Service

  • Advance information regarding new developments and alterations to the EMV specifications, draft documents and upcoming user meetings for Subscribers
  • Direct contact with EMVCo to solicit help or receive guidance with technical issues
  • A query facility to submit questions to EMVCo and receive responses
  • Eligibility to attend the annual EMV User Meeting (registration fees apply)

Subscribers will continue to have access to the public areas of the EMVCo website containing final EMV Specifications, bulletins, best practices, mobile and contactless documents, as well as approval and interoperability issues lists and frequently asked questions.

In addition, Subscribers will have access to other useful information not available to the general public. Subscriber-only content appears as light grey items that cannot be selected on menus. These include:

  • Draft documents and specifications
  • Newsletters
  • Issuer and application security guidelines
  • EMV/CPA (Common Payment Application) implementation examples using low-value payment profiles
  • Archived specifications and documents
  • Subscriber meeting notifications, meeting registration, and meeting materials
  • Receiving responses to submitted questions using the EMVCo website queries tool  (public members can submit a query but are not promised a response)

Visit the FAQ page for the Subscription Programme for additional information.

How do I subscribe? 

Sign up for the EMV subscriber service by clicking here. EMVCo accepts payment by credit or debit payment cards with American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, and Visa brands.