Draft Specifications/Bulletins

This section contains Draft Specifications & Bulletins that are posted on the Web site for a comment period.

Please submit any comments you may have via the 'Queries' tab on the EMVCo subscriber website.

Publication DateVersionDescription Download
March 2014Draft 1st EditionDSB-144: Terminal Unpredictable Number generation - Draft - Comment Period Ends: 31 May 2014 Sign Up Subscribers Only
March 2014Draft 1.0EMV mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Initial Considerations - Draft - Comment Period Ends: 05 April 2014 Sign Up Subscribers Only
February 2014Draft 1st EditionDSB-142: User Interaction Parameters for Installation of Contactless Mobile Payment - Draft - Comment Period Ends: 20 March 2014 Sign Up Subscribers Only
November 2012Draft 1st EditionEMV ECC Key Establishment Protocols - Draft - Comment Period Ends: 28 January 2013 Download