Subscriber Promotion Page

Why wait until after new specifications are completed to learn about upcoming EMV specification revisions, draft documents and meetings? Want to influence the direction of key EMVCo initiatives? 

Now the EMVCo subscriber service makes it possible for anyone to get advance notice of pending developments and changes, as well as to participate in a more regular and formal dialogue with members of the EMVCo organization. 

EMVCo will also host an annual user meeting for subscribers to facilitate open discussion. 

The service is open to anyone, and will be particularly valuable to organizations in the global payment industry, including vendors, consultants, laboratories, payment schemes, merchants and regional associations. The annual fee for the EMVCo subscriber service is US$750.  EMVCo will reinvest subscription fees into the organization to support its ongoing role in furthering standardization of new payment methods and environments on behalf of the global payments industry.

The role of EMVCo has expanded in recent years, from developing and maintaining the core EMV specifications, to accommodating additional standardization requirements brought about by contactless and mobile payments technology.

The intentions behind this new subscriber initiative are to open up EMVCo's communications to a broader audience, and to promote greater transparency regarding organizational activities. The subscriber service will provide a regular platform for those implementing EMV specifications in the industry to communicate issues, requirements and general comments directly back to the organization. This grass roots feedback will play a valuable role in shaping the development of EMVCo's future tactical and strategic work priorities and EMVCo's increased openness will hopefully stimulate further industry engagement.

Benefits of the EMVCo subscriber service

  • Advance information regarding new developments and alterations to the EMV specifications, draft documents and upcoming user meetings
  • Direct contact with EMVCo to solicit feedback or receive guidance with technical issues
  • A query facility to submit questions to EMVCo and receive responses
  • Participation in the development effort of the EMVCo organization and advances in the global payments industry
  • Close monitoring of and participating directly in the document creation and review processes
  • Attendance to the new EMVCo Subscriber Annual Meeting

Subscribers will continue to have access to the public website containing final EMVCo specifications, bulletins, best practices, mobile and contactless documents, as well as approval and interoperability issues lists and frequently asked questions.

In addition, subscribers will have access to other useful information not available on the public site. One can see this information as one goes through the site with subscriber content appearing as a light grey item that cannot be selected on menus. It includes:

  • Draft documents and specifications for review
  • Newsletters
  • Issuer and application security guidelines
  • EMV/CPA (Common Payment Application) implementation examples using low-value payment profiles
  • Archived specifications and documents
  • Meeting notifications, meeting registration, and meeting materials
  • Receiving responses to submitted questions using the EMVCo Web site queries tool  (public members can submit a query but are not promised a response)

How do I subscribe? 

Sign up for the EMV subscriber service and make payment on the home page of the EMVCo website by selecting "Sign up now" on the right side under the main image.  

EMVCo accepts payment by credit or debit payment cards with American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa brands. For more information, see our FAQ on subscriber services.