Press Releases
Effective Date Version Description   Download
June 2017   EMVCo Reports 6.1 Billion EMV Chip Payment Cards in Global Circulation   Download
March 2017   EMVCo's 2017 EMV User Meeting to be Held in Vietnam   Download
December 2016   Number of EMV Card-Present Transactions-December 2016   Download
October 2016   EMVCo Launches EMV 3-D Secure 2.0 Specification   Download
September 2016   EMVCo and PCI SSC Combine Expertise on 3-D Secure 2.0   Download
August 2016   EMVCo Streamlines Approval Process for Mobile Payment Devices   Download
August 2016   Black Hat 2016 – EMVCo Statement   Download
July 2016   Payment Community Engagement in the Development of the EMV Specifications Increases   Download
July 2016   EMVCo and the FIDO Alliance Collaborate on Mobile Payment Authentication   Download
June 2016   Number of EMV Chip Payment Cards in Global Circulation Increases to 4.8 Billion   Download
April 2016   2016 Annual EMV User Meeting to be held in Copenhagen   Download
April 2016   EMVCo Appoints a European Liaison   Download
March 2016   EMVCo Updates Payment Tokenisation Specification to Introduce 'Payment Account Reference'   Download
December 2015   One Third of All Card-Present Transactions Globally Use EMV Chip Technology   Download
December 2015   EMVCo Publishes RFP for EMV Level 1 Contactless Activities   Download
December 2015   To facilitate organizations who want to develop their own Token Service Provider solutions, EMVCo has established a Token Service Provider Code (“TSP Code”), which is a 3 digit code assigned to Token Service Provider (“TSP”) and maintained by EMVCo. The TSP Code is included in the Token Requester ID, which uniquely identifies the pairing of Token Requester with the Token Service Provider. This helps achieve transparency of the entity that provided the Payment Token. Note that EMVCo does not accredit, approve, or evaluate Token Service Providers, but rather, merely maintains this listing service.   Visit Page
September 2015   EMVCo and Smart Card Alliance Launch Webinar Series to Update EMV Audiences on Payment Specification & Tokenisation Activities   Download
September 2015   EMVCo Appoints Director of Technology   Download
July 2015   Payment Community Engagement in Development of EMVCo Specifications Increases, as EMVCo Associate Programme Continues to Expand   Download
June 2015   EMVCo Seeking Payment Tokenisation Consultant   Download
May 2015   EMVCo Reports 3.4 Billion EMV Chip Payment Cards in Global Circulation   Download
March 2015   EMVCo Launches Regional Seminar Programme   Download
March 2015   EMVCo to Hold Annual EMV User Meeting in Seattle, USA   Download
January 2015   EMVCo Announces Pursuit of Director of Technology   Download
January 2015   EMVCo to Manage Next Generation of 3D-Secure Specification   Download
November 2014   EMV Chip Transaction Figures Published by EMVCo   Download
September 2014   EMVCo looking for an Invoicing Platform Consultant   Download
August 2014   EMVCo Publishes RFP for PCD Interoperability Testing Analysis   Download
June 2014   EMVCo Publishes RFP for Level 1 Contactless Consultant   Download
May 2014   EMVCo Publishes Latest EMV Chip Deployment Figures   Download
March 2014   EMVCo Issues RFP for Terminal Interoperability Analysis   Download
March 2014   EMVCo Publishes Technical Framework for its Payment Tokenisation Specification   Download
February 2014   EMVCo Announces Pursuit of Security Evaluation Expert   Download
February 2014   EMVCo Announces Kuala Lumpur as Location for 2014 EMV User Meeting   Download
February 2014   EMVCo Associates Programme Continues To Grow   Download
January 2014   EMVCo Expands Scope To Develop Tokenisation Specifications   Download
September 2013   EMVCo Membership Grows With Discover   Download
May 2013   EMVCo Welcomes UnionPay as its Latest Member   Download
March 2013   EMVCo Announces Budapest as 2013’s EMV User Meeting Location   Download
February 2013   EMVCo is seeking a technical consultant(s) to support EMV Level 1 contact & contactless specifications & test related activities   Download
January 2013   EMVCo Announces Pursuit of Executive Director   Download
October 2012   EMVCo Announces Latest Additions to its Associate Programme   Download
September 2012   EMVCo and NFC Forum Announce Collaboration to Optimise NFC Testing Processes   Download
May 2012   Latest EMVCo Figures Reveal Continued Market Adoption of EMV Technology   Download
April 2012   EMVCo To Hold Annual EMV User Meeting in Toronto, Canada   Download
February 2012   GlobalPlatform and EMVCo Align Mobile Payment Certification Structure   Download
January 2012   Latest Figures Demonstrate Continued Global Adoption of EMV Technology   Download
December 2011   EMVCo Delivers Update On Its EMV Contactless Mobile Payments Advancements   Download
May 2011   Users of EMV Technology Invited to Participate in Annual Meeting   Download
May 2011   EMVCo Publishes 'A Guide to EMV' as Adoption of the Payment Standard Continues to Increase   Download
May 2011   EMVCo Expands Representation on its Board of Advisors   Download
October 2010   Increasing EMV Card and Terminal Deployments Confirm EMV as Global Payment Standard   Download
May 2010   EMV Standards Body Announces Dates for 2010 User Meeting and Invites Industry Participation   Download
March 2010   EMVCo Invites Increased Industry Involvement in Global Payments Standardisation   Download
May 2009   EMV Standards Body to Host First Annual EMV User Meeting in 2009   Download
February 2009   EMVCo Launches Subscription Programme   Download
February 2009   EMVCo Welcomes American Express as its Fourth Owner-Member   Download
September 2008   EMVCo to Increase Transparency and Engagement With Global Payments Industry Through Launch of Annual User Meeting and Subscriber   Download
December 2007   EMVCo Publishes Entry Point Specification: A Step Towards a Common EMV Contactless Application   Download
March 2007   MasterCard Assigns Contactless Communication Protocol to EMVCo   Download
February 2007   EMVCo Publishes CCD/CPA Card Type Approval Process Documents   Download
January 2006   EMVCO Launches Common Payment Application Specification   Download
December 2004   JCB joins MasterCard and Visa as third owner-member of EMV Standards body   Download
September 2004   EMV Introduces Common Core Definitions and Common Payment Application to ease Chip Migration   Download
June 2003   EMVCo Expands Charter to Strengthen Global Participation and Enhance Industry Wide Communication   Download
May 2003   MasterCard and Visa to Release Joint EMV Smart Card Personalization Specification   Download