Approved Chips

The approval of an IC product applies from the issue date as indicated on the certificate.  The product is placed on the EMVCo Approved Products list with an Expiry Date set in accordance with the renewal rules detailed in the EMVCo SEWG Bulletin 6. The certificate Expiry Date will be revised upon successful completion of a renewal security evaluation. ICCN products seeking renewal must comply with the latest security guidelines and must complete a successful EMVCo SEWG Security Evaluation before they can be renewed. All IC renewals are valid for 1 year.


Unless the certificate is withdrawn earlier or the product is superseded by a newer product(s) from a product provider, a product with an EMVCo Compliance Certificate will be removed from the EMVCo Approved Products list by the Expiry Date.

Note: The maximum certificate life cycle is six (6) years.

For further information, please contact the EMVCo Security Evaluation Secretariat.

The following list contains IC products for which EMVCo has assigned an ICCN and issued a Compliance Certificate.

Infineon Technologies AG
CCS M PS, AM Campeon 1-12, Neubiberg, Germany, 85579
Contact: Hans-Ulrich Buchmueller (, Telephone: 89 234 26147
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0142 M7820 A11 31-Oct-09 31-Oct-14
ICCN0144 M7820 (DCLB) A11 31-Oct-09 31-Oct-14
ICCN0146 M7790 A12 3-Dec-10 3-Dec-14
ICCN0155 M7820 M11 21-Apr-11 21-Apr-15
ICCN0160 M7793 A12 / G12 8-Jul-11 8-Jul-15
ICCN0161 M7794 A12 / G12 20-Dec-11 20-Dec-14
ICCN0163 M7892 A21 / B11 11-Jan-12 11-Jan-15
ICCN0178 IFX_ECI_7h:[1h-56h] - 22-Jun-12 22-Jun-15
ICCN0193 M7791 B12 8-Aug-13 8-Aug-15
ICCN0200 M7893 B11 20-Dec-13 20-Dec-14

Torus Building, Rankine Avenue, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, East Kilbride, Scotland, G75 0QF
Contact: Graeme Calder (, Telephone: 1355 803710
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0109 AT90SC20818RCU Rev. C 7-Nov-08 7-Nov-14
ICCN0147 AT90SC9604RV Rev. I 24-Feb-11 24-Feb-15
ICCN0157 AT90SC20818RCV Rev: C / C1_Lfoundry 28-Jun-11 28-Jun-14
ICCN0159 AT90SC13608RCV Rev. D / E 27-Jul-11 27-Jul-14
ICCN0164 AT90SC28880RCV Rev. B 13-Feb-12 13-Feb-15
ICCN0165 AT90SC24036RCV Rev. C 13-Jan-12 13-Jan-15
ICCN0173 AT90SC20818RCFV Rev. F 1-Jun-12 1-Jun-15
ICCN0175 AT90SC352208RCV Rev. C 13-Sep-12 13-Sep-15
ICCN0192 AT90SC28880RCFV2 Rev. C 31-May-13 31-May-15

NXP Semiconductors GmbH
Stresemannallee 101, D-22529, Hamburg, Germany, 
Contact: Hans-Gerd Albertsen (, Telephone: 40 5613 2548
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0128 P5CD081 V1A / V1A(s) 30-Sep-09 30-Sep-14
ICCN0149 P5CD145 V0A / V0B & V0B(s) 16-Mar-11 16-Mar-15
ICCN0166 P5CD081 V1D 30-Sep-09 30-Sep-14
ICCN0169 P60D024PVB/yVB (Y)/(Z) (y=M) VB(Y) / VB(Z) 1-Jun-12 1-Jun-14
ICCN0183 P60x080PVC(Y) /PVC(Z), P60D080yVC(Z) VC(Y) / VC(Z) 10-Jan-13 10-Jan-15
ICCN0195 P61N1M3P VD / VE 20-Oct-13 20-Oct-14
ICCN0197 P60x017-041PVD VD 30-Sep-13 30-Sep-14
ICCN0201 P40C072VA including FW libraries V0.9 / P40C072VD including FW libraries V1.0 VA, VD 14-Feb-14 14-Feb-15
ICCN0203 P61N1M3P VD-1 / VE-1 20-Oct-13 20-Oct-14
ICCN0205 P40C072VD VD 14-Feb-14 14-Feb-15

Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dukes Meadow, Millboard Road Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, SL8 5FH
Contact: Mike Paterson (, Telephone: 1628 651 725
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0194 RS4FC128 v01 15-Aug-13 15-Aug-14

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
1-1, Samsungjeonja-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (Republic of), 445-330
Contact: SunGeun Park (, Telephone: 31 8037 2960
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0107 S3CC928 Rev. 4 25-Aug-08 25-Aug-14
ICCN0108 S3FS91J Rev. 7 (SW4.2) 28-Aug-08 28-Aug-14
ICCN0143 S3CT9KW Rev.2 5-Jul-10 5-Jul-14
ICCN0148 S3FT9KF Rev. 1 7-Mar-11 7-Mar-15
ICCN0154 S3CT9KA Rev. 0 / 1 17-May-11 17-May-15
ICCN0156 S3CT9PC Rev. 1 6-Jun-11 6-Jun-15
ICCN0162 S3CT9AC Rev. 0 6-Jun-11 6-Jun-15
ICCN0168 S3FV9QM Rev. 3 4-May-12 4-May-15
ICCN0171 S3CT9P3 Rev. 0 14-Jun-12 14-Jun-15
ICCN0181 S3FT9FD Rev. 1 3-Dec-12 3-Dec-14
ICCN0184 S3FT9PF Rev. 0 29-Mar-13 29-Mar-15
ICCN0187 S3FT9PE Rev. 0 29-Mar-13 29-Mar-15
ICCN0190 S3FV9QJ Rev. 0 13-Jun-13 13-Jun-14
ICCN0191 S3FT9MD Rev. 0 29-Jul-13 29-Jul-14
ICCN0199 S3FT9MF Rev. 0 / 1 29-Mar-13 29-Mar-15
ICCN0204 S3FT9FA Rev. 0 30-Apr-14 30-Apr-15

Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Ltd.
No.39 Lane 572, BiBo Road, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai, China, 
Contact: Qiu Lin (, Telephone: 21 51315000
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0198 SHC1302M Rev. SHC1302/2907M4 5-Dec-13 5-Dec-14

STMicroelectronics SAS
ZI de Rousset, Avenue Coq, Rousset Cedex 01, France, 13106
Contact: Laurent Di Russo (, Telephone: 4 42 68 60 65
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0125 ST23YR18 Rev. A 28-Aug-09 28-Aug-14
ICCN0126 SB23YR18 Rev. A 28-Aug-09 28-Aug-14
ICCN0132 ST/SC33F1M Rev. E / F 22-Oct-09 22-Oct-14
ICCN0133 ST23ZL48 Rev. A (internal D / G) 18-Dec-09 18-Dec-14
ICCN0134 SA23ZL48 Rev. A (internal D / G) 18-Dec-09 18-Dec-14
ICCN0135 SB23ZL48 Rev. A (internal D / G) 18-Dec-09 18-Dec-14
ICCN0167 ST/SC/SP/SM/SE/SL33F1M Rev. E / F 22-Oct-09 22-Oct-14
ICCN0174 ST23ZR08 Rev. A 18-Jul-12 18-Jul-14
ICCN0179 ST23R160 Rev. B 14-Dec-11 14-Dec-14
ICCN0186 SB23Z012 Rev. A (Internal rev. B & C) 15-Apr-13 15-Apr-15
ICCN0188 SC23Z018 Rev. A (internal revisions C & H) 15-Apr-13 15-Apr-15
ICCN0189 ST31-K330A Rev. E / F / H 30-Apr-13 30-Apr-15
ICCN0202 ST33G1M2 Rev. F 14-Feb-14 14-Feb-15

Toshiba Corporation
72-34, Horikawa-cho,, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Japan, 212-8585
Contact: Mitsuaki Satsukawa (, Telephone: 44-331-1731
ICCN Product Name Product Version Issue Date Expiry Date Certificate
ICCN0196 T6ND7 v4.00 1-Oct-13 1-Oct-14