Terminal Type Approval

EMVCo established the Terminal Type Approval process to create a mechanism to test compliance with the EMV Specifications.

Type Approval provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent behavior between compliant applications have been achieved.

EMVCo Type Approval testing is divided into two levels:

  • The Level 1 Type Approval process tests compliance with the electromechanical characteristics (contact) or the analog characteristics (contactless) and logical protocol requirements defined in the EMV Specifications.
  • The Level 2 Type Approval process tests compliance with the application requirements as defined in the EMV Specifications.

Contact Level 1 and Contact Level 2 Type Approval processes are based on EMV Version 4.x Chip Specifications.

The current EMV Chip specification is EMV 4.3.

Contactless Product Approval processes are based on EMV Contactless Specifications Book A, Book B and Book C.

The current specification is 2.4, and the applicability date of this version depends on each kernel. A table describing the applicability date can be found here.

The menu on the left provides further information regarding the Type Approval process - Approved Products, Labs and Test Cases, Process & Forms, Terminal Type Approval Updates and Terminal Type Approval Archives.

Additionally, please see the 'Frequently Asked Questions – Terminal Type Approval' section for more information on Type Approval here.


Effective DateVersionDescription Download
January 20151st EditionBulletin nº 157, Contact Terminal Level 2 - ICS changes & Online ICS introduction on EMVCo website Download