Card Type Approval

EMVCo established the Card Type Approval process to create a mechanism to test compliance with the EMV and CPA Specifications. The Card Type Approval process provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent behavior between compliant applications have been achieved.

Separate Card Type Approval processes have been defined for CCD (cards implementing the Common Core Definitions (CCD) specifications, which are a part of EMV specifications), and CPA (cards implementing the EMV Common Payment Application (CPA) specifications.)
The CCD and CPA Card Type Approval Processes focus on the testing, evaluation and approval of a card product, including the auditor and laboratory requirements associated with supporting the type approval processes.
Information regarding the security evaluation of a chip and a card product is included in these processes for completeness. The EMV Security Guidelines – EMVCo Security Evaluation Process contains the details on the Chip Security evaluation and Card Security evaluation. The Security Evaluation Process applies to both CCD and CPA cards.

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EMVCo product approval does not address or supersede the payment schemes card issuance and personalization requirements. Please contact the payment schemes directly to obtain more information regarding their programs and other card issuance and personalization requirements.