Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) - Level 2

This section contains the Online ICS for Contact Level 2 Terminal Type Approval. Product Provider can:

  • Fill online its contact Level 2 ICS
  • Verify the information filled in is coherent with EMVCo rules by using the 'Verify Form Data' button
  • Save locally the filled ICS form (no online storage)
  • Export Data from an existing ICS to new ICSs by using the ‘Export Form Data’ button

After filling the ICS, and information has been verified, the Product Provider shall digitally sign the ICS before its laboratory submits the ICS to EMVCo.

To access the Online ICS, two options are possible:

  • OPEN Button: the ICS will be opened online
  • DOWNLOAD Button: the ICS form will be downloaded on your local computer

Note: in both cases, once you have filled in the ICS, do not forget to save it. It will be saved on your local Computer, as there is no online saving.