Approved Platforms

The EMVCo Platform Security Evaluation Process is intended to provide EMVCo Members' with valuable and practical information relating to the general security performance characteristics and the suitability of use for payment related products. The EMVCo Security Evaluation Process is designed to ensure a robust security foundation for these products at the product family and component level. The EMVCo Security Evaluation Process is an evolving process in relation to New Attack Techniques and Technology. EMVCo therefore reserve the right to perform New / Random Security Testing throughout the Lifetime of the card which may impact Certification. The full terms and conditions upon which EMVCo Compliance Certificates are issued by EMVCo are contained in the EMVCo Security Evaluation Process Document and the EMVCo Security Evaluation Certification Contract.

New approved platform products will be issued a unique PCN and will be placed on the EMVCo Approved Platform Product list for one year from the assigned issue date, unless the certificate is withdrawn or newer products supersede the product.

Platforms seeking renewal must comply with current security guidelines. A successful PCN renewal will result in a further one-year extension to the product approval. For further information, contact the EMVCo Security Evaluation Secretariat.


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