Level 2 Contact Approved Application Kernels - Approval with restriction & restricted renewal

EMV Approvals according to EMVCo Restricted Renewal policy

The following list contains application kernels for which EMVCo has granted an extension to the original Type Approval for a period of three years.

EMVCo Terminal Type Approval Level 2 addresses the conformance of the terminal resident application software in whole or in part that supports the required and optional EMV specification functionality.

EMVCo is pleased to announce the following Vendors Application Kernels have received EMVCo Terminal Type Level 2 approval.

3 Approved Kernels / 3 Vendors

Last Update: 14 February 2017



Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. (Version 2.3.1)
John Dauphiny
1375 Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830, UNITED STATES
xPD-R2G1 Version R2G1
SW: USN317x Version Ver. 1.7
HW: TTP-RFID Version V1.1
xPD Version V1.1
10501 1115 231 231b 231a BCT (*)Expiry: 04-Nov-2019

Kazuto Saeki
5329, Shimosuwa-machi, Suwagun, Nagano, 393-8511, JAPAN
PCD0M0-0200 Version A
SW: 330350 Version 11
HW: S42A103D01 Version D
ICM0M0-1390 Version A
10090 0312 210 21a FMTExpiry: 27-Mar-2020

Verifone Inc (Version 2.2)
Ian Weston
88 Plumeria Drive, San Jose, 95134, UNITED STATES
Vx600-3-PCD Version B
SW: VxE-PCD SW Version L1NXP 03.05.99
HW: Vx600-3-PCD HW Version A
10252 1013 220 22a FMT (*)Expiry: 29-May-2017
Vx600-2-PCD Version B
SW: VxE-PCD SW Version L1NXP 03.05.99
HW: Vx600-2-PCD HW Version A
10251 1013 220 22a FMT (*)Expiry: 03-May-2017