Interoperability Advisories

EMVCo Interoperability Advisories are intended to make financial institutions, vendors, and other interested parties aware of any issues and problems stemming from field implementations of EMV.

EMVCo provide below important Best Practices that can help reduce the impact of these known issues and help implement products less exposed to interoperability issues.

The content of these documents may arise from issues reported by Payment Systems as well as issues/questions posted to EMVCo from vendors and financial institutions.

The following documents are available for view or download:

Effective DateVersionDescription Download
September 20166.2Interoperability Working Group Issues List Download
March 20121.1Recommendations for Management of Electrostatic Discharge at the Point of Sale Download
February 20101st EditionBest Practice for the Issuance and Acceptance of Dual Interface Cards Download
November 20091st EditionBest Practice for the Specification Update #75 Requesting Terminal AID in PDOL or other DOLs Download
November 2009 EMV Interoperability Best Practices - 24 November 2009 Download