Past Event - Singapore - 29/30 June 2010

In 2009, the inaugural EMV User Meeting kicked off the tradition of inviting the EMV community to help shape the future of global payments.  With all of the exciting activity in EMV, 2010 promises to be even better!

You are invited to attend the 2010 EMV User Meeting, to be held at the Singapore Marriott in Singapore, Singapore on 29-30 June 2010.

The meeting is open to individuals from organisations with a commercial interest in the EMV Specifications.  It aims to facilitate dialogue between EMV users/implementers and senior EMVCo representatives on all aspects of implementing and advancing the EMV Specifications for contact, contactless, and mobile payment solutions—in national, regional or global markets.    

Delegates will learn about EMVCo’s current technical activities and strategic vision.  This year’s conference will have four primary areas of focus:

  • Building the Infrastructure for EMV Contactless
  • Expanding the EMV Community through the EMVCo Associates Programme
  • Exploring the Contactless Mobile Ecosystem
  • The Depth of EMV Security

Each session will explore multiple opinions and perspectives—both from EMVCo members and selected keynote speakers.  Additionally, the meeting is designed to be an interactive forum that welcomes and encourages delegate participation.   Delegates should expect not only to be informed about the state of EMV activity, but also to have the opportunity to shape the future of global payments.

To see an outline of the User Meeting agenda, click here.

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